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121 TimoteiLSD

How is Timotei so low on the list? "I Accidentally Hotel Mario", and "I. M Schizophrenic" are amazing!

Personally, my favourite YTP creator. His ytp tennis was actually entertaining.

122 Slipping Moldy Sock (Feathertho)
123 Mans1ay3r
124 PedoSponge

His videos are kinda like ThatGuyPoops, and he doesn't have much videos, but the video editing skills are awesome, and everything is hilarious!

125 Sherry Vine
126 Frozen Cereal
127 YTPon3
128 256PiAlternate
129 Peskeh

Surprised this person wasn't added on to the list. A combination of heavy visual distortion and some pretty funny jokes make this person worthy of first. Sadly, Peskeh is hardly known.

130 Treckasec
131 JJagwire
132 Iforgot87871

Lord Of The Rings yip's are amazing.

133 PoopJohnHoboBobo

This guy is seriously a genius of sentence mixing. His poops have so many different aspects to them, that you have to love them! Ask him to show you his bambii! - DOTCfan92

134 SonicHaXD
135 Marck3611

He makes the best Billy Mays YTPs. Every product he comes up with for Billy Mays to advertise has some hilarious connotations. His Dr. Rabbit YTPs aren't too bad either. His old channel (mark3611) got hacked and replaced with bad Lets' Plays but he came back this year and someone also set up a reupload channel. - kfcnyancat

136 Blazin Scrubs

Uses good animations and is original. He does a whole variety of YouTube poop and is overall my favourite YouTube pooper. I have watched a lot of the authors on this list and they are quite funny but in multiple opinion nowhere near as funny as blazin scrubs.

137 WTLNetwork
138 Tornis7
139 chincherrinas

Why is Chincherrinas not included in this list? He is the guy who made the epic that is the Frollo Show. I know the Frollo Show series is now considered more than just a YTP, but at its roots it's still one.

140 architect1/52ofem V 1 Comment
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