Top 10 YTP (YouTube Poop) Characters

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1 The King

So many iconic YTP characters here, but the only one that I can't fully see YouTube Poop living without is CD-I King Harkinian. The corny dialogue, the giggle-inducing physical appearance, the hilarious voice acting, etc. It's all so rich with the spirit of YouTube Poop.

My favorite poops always star King Harkinian!

"Mah Boi, This King is what all true warriors strive for! "

Mah Boi, this peace is what all true warriors strive for.

The king is the mascot of ytp for goodness sakes! Plus Zelda poops are WAAAAAAAY better than Mario ones!

2 Mama Luigi

I like Mama Luigi because in his videos people always make to original story messed up. Also I like his quote "that's Mama Luigi to you Mario! "

That’s mama Luigi to you mario!

That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario. [wheeze]

3 Morshu

One of my favorites. Also a huge fan of the other Mario/Zelda YTP characters and Chad Warden.

Sorry Link, I can't give credit. Come back when you're a little mmm mmm mmm richer.

4 Dr. Rabbit

Hello there, I am Doctor Rabbit. The world's only rabbit dentist.

Hi I am doctor rabbit the worlds only rabbit rabbit

I see you’re enjoying those chips!

5 CD-I Mario

You Know What They Say, All Toasters TOAST TOAST! 🍞

6 CD-I Luigi

I hope she made lotsa Spaghetti!

I hope she made losta spaghetti

7 Link

Oh boy, I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octorok.

8 Gwoman
9 Dr. Ivo Robotnik

I hate Robotnik because of his abuse towards animamls, especially Scratch. In fact, Ii wish that chicken bit off his hands and killed his fans. Whenever he exclaimed, "I hate the hedgehog! ", I react by yelling, "Shut up, Robotnik! "

As for all of you Robotnik fans, go die with him if you like him so much.

Scratch! Grounder! Where are you!?

I love doctor Robotnik

Snoo PINGAS usual I see

10 Weegee

Weegee is the first YTP character before The King. He appeared in that Spongebob episode and he's really iconic. Though, he was originated to a Mario cartoon which is just bad but it has great memes like this Weegee. He's a legend.

Weegee is clearly the best here. He is the YouTube Poop equivalent of Chuck Norris & they're probably equal in power.

Weegee is everywhere even in the toilet so you must vote for him or you will die!

I love it mostly be the best guy who makes youtube poop 95Shade

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? Leonidas
? Sonic
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11 Michael Rosen

The best hands down

12 Shoop Da Whoop
13 Zelda
14 I.M. Meen
15 Mario's Head

Ok get ready to move your fingers

I'm a gonna fly for you. [makes airplane sounds]

16 Fat Bastard
17 Hank Hill

What was that? I’m gonna kick your ###.

18 Tay Zonday

TZ is not much of a YTP character. Chocolate RAIN!

19 Mr. Volcano
20 Senor Chang
21 Billy Mays

Billy Mays terrorizes a fat woman with cat urine and bullet impact gel.

Billy Mays snorts Oxi clean

22 Mario Head
23 Arthur
24 SpingeBill
25 Moar Krabs


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