Community Debating Discussion #5 Hall Of Fame

htoutlaws2012 Okay I was thinking the other day all these users who have retired recently, should we consider having like an annual hall of fame kinda like what the NFL did this past week which has happened since 1963. Is it a good idea or not? What has this user done to make the H.O.F? etc. Hey if they don't wanna consider that fine I respect that, but if another user who isn't myself would like a try and stay consistent for very long to have pick let's say 5 or 7 users and of course honor them among the best achievements and the impact they have made to the incoming users who come to try and do what they do best for themselves and some inspired by which says a lot. Personally it would be a good suggestion i'm just not sure how the rest of users feel about this which is where I'd like to hear your feedback.

So let's say the first ever class of 2016 would be the following (although this is just an example)


Now if you proceed to agree on my suggestion then do like a projection of users who have retired and pick from 7 users in that class like I did not sure if its a good example however. Alas! until next time!


Does it have to be retired users? - Martinglez

The ones who actually did retire then yes, kinda like my example although its not the best example. Okay so let's say Positron Wildhawk is still active so you would wait until he retires for him to be eligible. - htoutlaws2012

Alexandr isn't retired - 2storm

Haven't seen him in quite a long time honestly sure he pop's up here and there, but I would label him retired unless one day he wrote a blog post saying he hasn't I'll go by assumptions. - htoutlaws2012

Most people who retire just go inactive without telling. Some even go inactive for 2 years and still come back - styLIShT