Community Debating Discussion #9 Clowns

htoutlaws2012 Oh yes! you know all those clown stories you've been hearing lately (I would hope), well let's cut to it shall we. What is it with masochists out there dressing as clowns it is not just men either it's also women to. What is the motive behind it? Now here me out and call me insane, but i'm one of the very few people that were not afraid of clowns when growing up, but there are just times like this I may start to fear if anyone around me joins this cult. All of this has happened in the month of October the ironic is stunning. Anyways when I think of clowns I think of The Joker or a circus clown that are not necessarily menacing, but more known to the general public, and then there are people out there who I don't know why, but think it's funny to dress as clowns to get what they want. Literally all they have to do is where a clown mask and the owner or whatever it is, forced to give it up to not get his head blown from the ''masochist.''

Oh have I not mentioned it's not just the U.S, this is also occurring in other countries as well. Anybody know about the stabbing clown in Sweden just look up clown news and it may surprise how much has happened in a week and already the second week of October could you imagine a clown meeting in a forest? Okay here's a theory for ya, Image a group of clowns surround you in the woods and your trapped how do you prepare for the sick onslaught? If unarmed then your likely screwed then it turns into a goosebumps dream like scene, but if you were to evade them with even the littlest weaponry would you drive away for 911 to arrest them all? Oh but wait Mr. Outlaws then the next day there gonna have signs saying clown lives matter. Well I think it is very absurd if any clowns protest for there own to come out cause there are those in that penitentiary (jail) that cannot be trusted for clownary they have committed of there actions. Now here's what I'd like to ask you if you were to encounter a crazy nut head dressed as a clown and they are a criminal secretly what would you do and how would handle the situation I picture you what I foresee in my nutty mind now let's see yours.


I wish they would stop clowning around. - Skullkid755

I'd run away from the clown potentially holding a dangerous weapon, thank you. I'm not an obnoxious Merican McNugget muncher. - Puga

Fun fact: More clowns have been attacked by humans than humans by clowns.
I think most of them are just scaring people, and few are actually dangerous. Still though... - Martinglez

Clowns are too afraid of our country because of our drug war lmao - visitor

Clowns rock! - visitor

Am I the only one who thinks so? - visitor

I wonder how actual clowns feel about this - ProPanda

I feel bad that they're losing their jobs because of this... - visitor

DESTROY US ALL! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

People are overreacting about it - 2storm