Community Debating Discussion #10 Election Aftermath: Protesters Peaceful or Ridiculous?

htoutlaws2012 So you know how I gave zero about no matter who won the election. Well apparently those who voted for Clinton did. Now look I made the post about who may possibly win the election and Hillary won my poll and that does not surprise me. It's kind of ironic that the popular vote would translate to Trump actually winning the presidency because in years past presidents's like second Bush won the electoral, but not the popular vote. Then you notice that at first I thought it looked like Hillary would be a sore loser not making the speech that night in defeat, instead ends up talking to Trump via phone. Hillary ends up doing the speech next morning (after everyone was trying to stay up for the whole thing). Then hours later Obama makes his speech of how stupid we are electing a man with no political experience. I got to say though for how much as I did not like Obama's second term he could be right, but anyways after the speeches everyone got out of hand the night in something very unexpected.

Now look I am not knocking anyone on this site who voted for Hillary Clinton, but the first maybe it was the second day of protesting they did not even do a peaceful protest. they destroyed all kinds of crap on the road (notably car windows) Yeah that is enough of a reason to be put in jail that would technically be a felony of being dumb founded decision on the part of those who thought they feel they had been screwed for what? You were not physically been pulled out of your home yet clam down. States like California and Oregon were most notable for how absurd the democratic supporters can be. When in reality that is how the electoral college is you have a problem with then hey protest about that not protest about how you could not get your way at having more democrats as president. I mean I remember 8 years ago when Obama was elected president the next night did the republican side go bad bleep insane NO! Did they protest that next 4 years NO! As much as I hate to say it, but the people have spoken sadly. We have had 4 days of non-stop protesting in the evening well this drag on to this future?

So what do you think of this fair protest or just totally unnecessary altogether?


Unnecessary altogether.
When you protest like that for someone not to be voted, whoever you want to be voted looks bad because of that, so people would vote for who you're protesting against. - Skullkid755

It's ridiculous. Trump hasn't even taken office yet. And those claiming he's gonna deport illegal immigrants, he recently announced it'll only be the criminal ones. - Therandom

I know I said this on the Most Annoying Fan Bases list, but I'll say it again here:

Some of them are rioting right now, in their own states that went to Clinton. I'm talking about California and New York especially. Honestly if she had won there wouldn't be riots of this scale going on right now. But if they want to revolt against the U.S. and/or move to Canada, they better hope they can live that way. I wouldn't bet on it, really. - NuMetalManiak

Wait a minute I heard keyson is leaving the site because of Trump winning. Really? - NuMetalManiak

I think that the protests are a complete joke when Trump has Congress and his advisiors to keep him in check plus the fact that he does not take office until January. It's one thing to be disappointed in the election, it's another thing to be over the top about it. - visitor

"Peaceful"? You've got to be joking. - visitor

Garbage. They can be more civil and do something else like contact friends and discuss their feelings. - visitor word,keyson - Nateawesomeness