C.D.D. #11 Music Taste & Cyberbulling

htoutlaws2012 Lately when it comes to people's taste in music you either love it or you just absolutely loath it to death. On this site, tensions of hatred of one's taste in music builds up between two users I will not point them out because you should already know who they are. The point is as a community we should just calmly, and precautiously think before making enemies out of nowhere. As a metalhead myself to those that love other genres this is not exactly a hate speech at all, it's just a point that not all of us are like others here if we just talk some sense into one another. If that person dislikes that certain genre, and after giving them countless tries then just stop no need to continue move on to someone else.

Also another example of this would be a group of students you would meet at high school or middle school listening to a genre you just hate with a passion. All fine and understandable, but eventually if you want to fit in you would hate yourself, and know why there just so popular like every person's dream to become popular in your middle/high school. All I can say is good luck doing all that in College.

Who knew I would be talking about this, but hey it has been happening, still relevant in this world, and that would be cyberbulling. Now this can come in different forms. One being a group of users ganging up on a defenseless user with no backup, and is attacked or vise versa at times. Not saying who started it, or point fingers I do not care that is not the point. This is very common to notice, and to have experience on the internet. Now the second kind of cyberbully would be that one constantly trolling you because they think it is funny taking someone's life with basically downright awful trolling (south park). Oh,and who can forget the other type of trolls who love your misery by taking a wiki you have build over & over and it gets deleted, and let's not go there.

How is it these two... subjects (if you will) have something in common? Maybe there a combination being used for wrong doing of attacking that user. If so why? Why seek in this so called strategy, when it makes those with that miserable experiences shown to the world essentially share there pain in the sickest ways like a wife or a kid getting abused by his/her father. Not saying I have not seen these cringe worthy lives, but what I do know is that i'm lucky not to have that type of life. Well actually if you just take the Cyber part yes, the music part no that just different. Well unless you were forced merciless to listen to that music genre.

Overtime, we age further in our future, we become adults, you are married, have a kid. The kid goes to school, and after a certain point if he is getting picked on, and you have been in that situation before maybe you should reason with him, but not take away his rights on the computer. Just tell him make better judgement calls. If he doesn't learn then do what yo have to like a normal parent would ground him or any other type of punishment that ain't involving physical harm then you leave them scars. As far as the music taste is concerned well you just can't convince everyone to like the same stuff as you. Like not everyone is going to like the same music Genres (obviously), Video Games, Movies etc.

On this note I leave you with this, what can you do to make yourself a more positive role model, and also how can you corroborate yourself of loathing a music genre in not the most frustrating way.