Top 10 Best Pancake Toppings

When you eat pancakes what do you put on top so it will taste better?

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1 maple syrup

Real 100% maple syrup not the fake stuff you find all over most of the shelf.

Maple syrup is too sweet for me.

Hello best topping ever

It's the basic so it's good - RoseCandyMusic

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2 strawberry syrup

I like strawberry syrup and pancake it's so yummy - RoseCandyMusic

3 whipped cream

whipped cream finishes any type of topping

4 sugar

Me and my family do this if we don't have maple syrup - RoseCandyMusic

5 strawberries

who does not like strawberries

6 chocolate

Surly everyone would agree that chocolate/nutella on top of pancakes is heavenly

everbody loves chocolate
mmmm... nutella

I love chocolate it's the best works well with bananas

I think it is delicious

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7 chocolate syrup
8 sugar and cinnamon
9 raspberry
10 blue berries

I have never tried blue berries before but decided to put them on my pancake and eventually I just wanted more and more, so good for pancake dad on the 21st of febuary.

The Contenders

11 butter
12 bananas
13 brown sugar
14 lemon and sugar

Lemon keeps it not being dry and Sugar gives the flavour.

15 peanut butter
16 chocolate chips
17 chocolate and cheese

Try it. The combination of sweet and salty is truly out of this world and you won't turn back!

18 Powdered sugar
19 Nutella and Banana
20 Lemon

That would be disgusting - RoseCandyMusic

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1. maple syrup
2. sugar
3. strawberry syrup



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