Top Ten Worst Things About Being a Cheerleader

I am a cheerleader. In the usa, its simple. Where i live, torture.

The Top Ten

1 Unfair captain

I never noticedd until my friend told me, but my cheer capitán does not like me. Very unnfair and mean to me. - AnonymousChick

2 Other girls making bad choices

The other cheerleaders in my school are always drinking alcohol. - AnonymousChick

3 Other schools making fun of us

Sincé they don't have cheerleaders, the other teams make fun of us and mock us. Totally not cool. - AnonymousChick

4 Our school making fun of us

In your world the cheerleaders are the most popular in the school. We, are so not. - AnonymousChick

5 Unfair gym teachers

Our gym teacher will mark us down if wee have an impoortant performance and can't show up. Also, he makes the cheerleaders find our own transportation to the games. - AnonymousChick

6 Being stereotyped

This must suck

7 Stunting

I actually love stunting. It's my favorite part of the sport. It's hard, but worth it. - PianoQueen

Hard as heck.. - AnonymousChick

8 Ugly uniforms
9 Pervs staring under their skirts


I am so, so sorry for this. I was a pig. - Zach808

10 Memorizing routines and cheers

The Contenders

11 Going to games
12 Carrying or throwing someone up the air
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