Collaborations: The System Reform

PositronWildhawk It has been a long-serving trend on TheTopTens in which TopTenners agree to collaborate on lists. I have been happy to collaborate with some of my friends on here: Britgirl, CityGuru, PetSounds, etc. and I think there's a lot of productivity and originality where these collaborations are concerned, which makes them worth our attention. But I think there should be more credit for these collaborations, and that starting a series of collaborations shouldn't require otherwise pointless joint accounts to be made, thus, the system needs improvement.

The main problem with making a collaboration is that the list can only be published through one account, which would receive full credit for the list unless stated that it was a collaboration. Thus, if two users wish to collaborate, there should be a button on the "Add List" page which says "Collaborate". Once clicked, it gives the user an encrypted "key" invite which they can send to a user of their choice. The other user shall receive this key, along with the list title, in a notification either through personal messages or through e-mail, which they can accept or decline as they please. It may look like this, using an example collaboration list which already exists:

List Title: Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously
Send To: PositronWildhawk
ArchAces has invited you to collaborate on a list.
List Title: Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously
Accept Decline

Once the offer to collaborate is accepted, the list will appear under the list of both user's drafts. Each one can edit the list as they please. The items can be modified and re-ordered by each member, which addressed the second problem with collaborations, being that collaborating users may disagree upon ordering the list. Thus, one user may save their own remix of the list being made, and the same for the other. The ordering of the final product will depend on the relative weighting of items in each of the two remixes. One user will be able to see both remixes from a button on the right of the panel, but not able to edit the other's remix. Of course, it goes without saying that each remix will have the same weighting. When each user has submitted the remix, the list will be published.
As for comments, two users may have different things which they would like to add to the items on the list. A solution to end dispute over comments is to allow each contributing user to add their own comments to any items being considered for the list. One user will be able to preview the comments that have been added by the other, but not edit them, and vice versa. Thus, two comments can be added simultaneously to one item. It may look like this from my reference point:

Blah Blah Blah
Blah Blah Blah |

When collaborative lists have been published beforehand, only the person who published the list receives credit, unless they say it was a collaboration. That person's name appears at the top of the list, and that list appears on their homepage. Where joint accounts are concerned, obviously all of the above is associated with that account.
Instead, I can picture the names of both users responsible for the list appearing at the top of the page. If this system existed before, we would have this at the top of the list as an example:

Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously
ArchAces PositronWildhawk

On ArchAces' homepage, the following would appear under his lists once the list was approved:

Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously
| PositronWildhawk

On my homepage, this would appear:

Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously |

There may also be a "Collaborations" button on every user's homepage, which shows the lists which the user collaborated with another on.
Additionally, as the user may wish to claim that the collaborative list was initially his/her idea, the user who initially sent the other the key may have the option of clicking the "Claim" option before sending the key, which will add a tag to the user's name on the page, saying they were the project leader. It may appear as follows:

Fictional Public Information Films That Can't Be Taken Seriously
ArchAces Project Leader PositronWildhawk

Finally, as each user will have created separate remixes, the remixes made by each user will appear on their homepages as normal.

That's all I have in mind as I write this post. If you have any further ideas, or constructive criticisms, please leave them below. Whether you have anything worth debating or not, please tell me whether you think this is a good or a bad idea.


If only this existed, "Top Ten Experimental Musicial" would have gotten somewhere. Also, that list was collaborated with PetSound. - visitor

I've yet to make a collaboration yet. Wink wink. - Puga

This is a great point you bring up. And a great idea! - Therandom

All of your ideas are excellent and deserve to be implemented, but I imagine it would take quite a bit of work on the admins' part. Still, we can hope... - PetSounds

I do think it's a nice idea. Let's see if the admins make this thing a reality. On side note, I've yet to make a collaboration. - Kiteretsunu

I made them with kris, mcking and evilangel. but, this is a great idea - gemcloben

And me Remember? - bobbythebrony

That was very recently, though. I think after that comment. - gemcloben

I've had another thought. Previously I did not consider the possibility that someone may wish to no longer contribute. Thus, on the add list panel, there should be a "withdraw" button next to the collaboration list draft, which deletes their contributions to the list and removes it from their drafts. Only the contributions from the other user shall remain. - PositronWildhawk

I think this would be like deleting the list half. I hope we get THAT feature. - visitor