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1 LockedUpHater - A version of Keyson that hates everything
2 InsturmentalTurkey - A stupid version of PositronWildhawk that loves instrumental music

I don't mind instrumental music. Just as long as it's got a decent rhythm.

What's bad with instrumental music?

Turkeys are very stupid animals.

Really? Humans are not far behind Turkeys then! But irrelevant, Pos is an alien.

3 Fitgirl - A selfish, mean, horrid version of Britgirl

If you think this is a rip off of Top Ten Alternative TheTopTens User Names, it is not. I actually made that list also.

Fitgirl? Lol

Aw, how sweet...But I have my negative moments too, you know ;).

4 LameUser - A boring, non-amusing version of Funnyuser

It would be creepy if someone created an opposite account of everyone and exactly what you said for each of us, same name, and in my case a boring and unamusing version of me. Think about what I just said... Wow.

5 Idiotsunu - A dumb, unpleasant version of Kiteretsunu that would not make a good friend

I should have done Bakaretsunu. That would have been so much better. Of course, I would have to have looked up idiot in Japanese.

Idiotsunu in Japanese can be translated as "Bakaretsunu" where "Baka" is the Japanese word for stupid.
Of course, Kiteretsunu is a Japanese name that has been derived from a Japanese manga.

6 MoldyPersonality - An unfriendly, hostile version of MoldySock
7 PetWhiteNoise - A version of PetSounds that doesn't appreciate music

I do hope that's a typo, Kevie16.

EDIT: And now it's been fixed. Thanks!

8 InsaneGuy - An insane user who believe that bombs could make the world beautiful and a more crazy version of CerealGuy
9 Harrythespongebobhater - a mean version of Garythesnail who hates Spongebob and people

I think that would be my opposite...

I would hate for a user like this to get on this site.

Positron's real name is Harry, why use his name?

Harrythespongebobhater: >:) LOL the heck?

10 Perkyasylum - A mean version of Turkeyasylum who hates Total Drama and anybody without large breasts and plastic surgery
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11 QuietBoringGuy - A quiet, boring, and uncool version of SuperHyperDude
12 familyguydude - A version of simpsondude that hates TheTopTens and likes no one

Simpsondude is the best user ever but this would be bad

I actually hate family guy

13 WWSleep - A version of Subhashsahu that doesn't like WWE
14 NoMoAnime - A version of Kormo that hates anime
15 StupidJake - A dumber version of EpicJake

Don't even make such a name! Epic Jake is epic! His name describes himself well!

I would hate that if someone ripped off my name like that

16 Perfect56 - a version of andre56 who isn't boastful and uses perfect grammar

If only that were true.

17 Wakefortelevision - A version of dreamformusic who hates Winx Club, and is disrespectful towards all users.
18 RiverClanSucks - A unfriendly Justin Bieber and One Direction person who hates Warrior cats and My Little Pony and the opposite of RiverClanRocks

I meant to say a Justin Bieber and One Direction fan. And RiverClanSucks hates Pokemon too.

I can't imagine you liking One Direction and hating Pokemon...

19 RedDiamondFromNowhere - An opposite version of BlueDiamondFromNowhere that hates fashion, shopping, books (especially Pretty Little Liars), dramatic live-action shows, Christianity, horror movies and jewels

That can be my perfect oposite. Also, she hates everything about Garythesnail

20 xandermartin69 - A version of xandermartin98 that constantly makes sex jokes

I hope nobody would sign up in TheTopTens who is like that!

I thought he already does.

21 NegatronWildhawk - A straight up evil clone of PositronWildhawk

There actually is an account with this name

Or Megatron! Remember Transformers!

22 HyangduiHaebalFegelein - An illogical and cowardly version of VelitelCabal who is obsessed with One Direction and Nicki Minaj, and hates good music especially Metallica.

He would also believe in right and wrong.

Hyangdui Haebal is a title given to Kim Jong-Un. I hate Fegelein because he is a coward. I don't hate any of the Command and Conquer Characters so I looked for commanders in the real world.

23 Chickenjail - A disrespectful user who hates Total Drama and worships Nicki Minaj

This would be a Turkeyasylum opposite?

24 MalphGob - A guy that hates Simpsons and The Beatles, Loves Sanjay and Craig and #selfie, and is an opposite of RalphBob

This wouldn't be that good of an opposite to modern me, though.

25 CastlevaniaHater821 - A mean version of CastlevaniaFanboy128, who hates Metal, video games, anime, science, japan, but loves school and is totally serious with everything
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