What Would TheTopTens Be Like With A Few Opposites?

Turkeyasylum Just think about it, there may be another universe where TheTopTens exists. But, there could be a few alterations to our TheTopTens... this covers what TTT would be like if Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, Kiteretsunu, Comparisans, Keyson, Garythesnail, Puga, SelfDestruct, Turkeyasylum, and SuperHyperdude were the polar opposite they are today!

First of all, forget the Britgirl-Keyson relationship. Britgirl would be the most notorious troll on the website. She would troll a few TopTenners considered "good" on the website, such as Comparisans. And, Keyson would be a little less on the troll side. Keyson would just be that user who everybody knows of, but nobody would give Keyson attention.

PositronWildhaw would be a user who would be the same age, but still in 9th grade. He would bash science, and would be one of those annoying Jesus freaks who thinks everybody has to believe certain things. In addition, he woild be best friends with his brother, and be in love with rap. Kiteretsunu would be an excessive manga and anime hater, similar to Beans, and would never back anything up with reasons. Academically' he wouldn't be doing much better than PW.

SelfDestruct would be the Britgirl of TheTopTens, hogging all the popularity and also making funny, unbiased lists. He would also have ONE account. ONE. Comparisans would correctly spell his name becasue his grammar would be FLAWLESS. He would also be a renowned user along with SD, and would not make any Comparison lists.

Turkeyasylum would hate Total Drama, and be best friends with the non-reversed BigBrotherYesTotalDramaNo. He would also like tons of pop music, and other users would tease him for that. Garythesnail would be the meanest user on the site ither than Britgirl, and would also end up making tons of poorly written SpongeBob rants. He would hate the non-reversed CartoonsGirl, and also he would diss 1990's cartoons.

Puga would be a cat. Yep, he would be a cat. He would also have no blog post series, and f he did they would all have awful grammar, and wouldn't make anh point. SuperHyperdude would be the exact same thing as Puga basically, and would make no shortage of posts, which would all be complaints about why Stupid Hoe isn't number one on the best songs list. He would rarely speak his opinion, and he also be a user nobody cares about.

Morals: Be glad TheTopTens is the way it is.


Sounds like Antis. - cosmo

This sounds very accurate. - Garythesnail

I really like this post Turkeyasylum. Great Job! - CartoonsGirl

CartoonsGirl is my best friend on the site. Hating her is without a doubt my opposite! - Garythesnail

And CityGuru would a spammer. - CityGuru

The Angry Beavers should be more popular. - BetterThanYou

SevenLizards would be an Arthur fan who respects Puga's opinion. - visitor

No dork diaries fans - TheKirbyCreeper999

While RiverClanRocks, VelitelCabal, 05yusuf09, UltimateHybridX and Fan_of_Good_Music love One Direction. - visitor

This sounds awful!
Puga being a cat? - visitor

Great job Turkeyasylum. - 05yusuf09

And PizzaGuy would diss pizza and would be a troll. - PizzaGuy

Justin Bieber would be considered the best singer ever and Baby the best song. - Elina