Best TopTenners of the 2010s

Okay,there is already a list about Top 10 users of TheTopTens. This list has been very old and some users retired from the site.Some aren't even active.A lot of users don't get the attention they get there.So I have made this list.This list contains best users of 2010s. Anything before 2010 haven't been counted .

1.I am being honest here. I didn't add any user here because I like him/her.Rather I added them who contributed most to this site .While some of the users are statistically good .I chose also them cause earning points is not an easy thing .You won't get anything without doing something.

2.If I missed someone who isn't here but deserves to be here then you can add yourself here .

After approval of the list please choose wisely and make remixes wisely.

And this list doesn't make you good user .If you aren't here that doesn't mean you are not good .

Good luck to all .
The Top Ten
1 Alexandr

The king of thetoptens - that's what I call him, the great amount of lists which have such great content and all other things is perfect

What's the point of the list?

He has been known for most lists and his points.While he has been a very old user and contributed many things in toptens

2 BKAllmighty

One of the fewest users who are still active.he made a lot of movie lists.and he has been keep making lists since he joined.

3 Metal_Treasure

He didn't join very early in the decade but he has been one of the fastest earning users of toptens and in 2016 he his one of the users who still making lots of lists.he his active almost all day

He is a great lesson if you want to know what real metal is :) Before he wasn't active on my lists I seriously thought all heavy songs are metal... but no! Metal is more than this! Thanks for him he show me what about the real heavy metal and metal genres

I am honored to be on this list. Thanks for noticing my work!
I joined in the end of 2014 but I don't remember when. I only remember my 2nd list was about metal X-mas songs.

4 MatrixGuy

Like Alexandr he made a lot of lists which get lots of votes.his lists aren't only popular on toptens but also outside of toptens.I mean his lists are ery informative and his lists are original.

5 PositronWildhawk

Thank you for including me, zxm.

He has been known for his hard works in toptens.he made a lot of good posts and lists and became one of the most popular users of toptens.and he is statically high

6 Britgirl

She is one of the most creative users and active users and she is on high on most comments and made a lot of creative lists.

7 EvilAngel
8 htoutlaws2012

He is the toppest user statistically,and he is almost twice in points than Alexandr.and he is high on many its sure that he did a lot of thing on toptens.

9 Therandom
10 Puga
The Contenders
11 Magnolia

She isn't active like others but she was very active in the early 2010s.because she made 1500 music lists and 2k remixes and got very votes on the list.

12 zxm

For the fact here honestly I didn't add please don't think I am doing this for popularity.if I was doing this for popularity then I would send everybody message after this to see my lists. and I didn't send message to a single user.

I didn't add myself here.someone else did.

I feel like I have done a mistake by making this list.I made a wall between some potential users who are working some might feel they are not good.sorry everybody.I shouldn't have made this I am regretting of this list.

13 Irina2932

She is not active but she made 1100 music lists.making 1100 lists isn't easy

14 ryanrimmel

Good that someone added him and he's on least better than other list.

15 bobbythebrony
16 Liam31idents

I added myself :P

17 CastlevaniaFanboy128

CastlevaniaFanboy128 is statistically high and he made a lot of remixes and comments on many section of lists.I have seen it.

18 IronSabbathPriest

He is in more accurate place than the other list.

19 WonkeyDude98
20 SwagFlicks
21 westofohio
22 ParasN2000
23 EpicJake
24 PetSounds
25 Turkeyasylum
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