Best TopTenners of 2017

Early on prediction that may turn into accurate at the end of the year.
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1 DCfnaf

Great lists, open opinions, not so aggressive, puts a lot of efforts in his lists and know how stupid some fan bases can be.

I don't get why he's not number one.

He should be number 1, very hardworking, makes great content with quality, in reviews and lists. Plus, he is fun to talk to, one of my best friends on this site.

The best user of the year no one tops him. Plus he puts a lot of effort in his content. He deserves the number one spot he's gotten.

He's very active, hardworking, and inspiring. Keep it up man!

2 TwilightKitsune

She is so nice and caring. She also has great taste in animu and doesn't bandwagon.

Definitely one of nicest, sweetest and best people I have interacted with :).

Aww, thank you CrimsonShark and htoutlaws2012 ^u^


3 Therandom

Of course he's number 2. Everyone wants him to be the admin anyway.

Made his best HvV episode this year, which is episode 100.

4 Metal_Treasure

Thank you very much for including me so highly on this list, htoutlaws2012!
I am pretty happy with my achievements in 2016 and I believe I will be a top user in 2017, too.


5 Puga

Number one needed. I am a winner, I need to win.

I deserve first.


6 MegaSoulhero

Very good user, and we both love Disneyland!

7 egnomac


8 htoutlaws2012

Totally the best

The best user

9 ModernSpongeBobSucks

It's quite a pleasure to be so high up in the top 10 for this list. I appreciate all the positive feedback from all my fellow friends on TheTopTens.

Excuse me, but why is he not in the top ten? He's so kind and generous! He's also really good at making detailed remixes and posts, kind of like me. His Cartoon Crapisode Rants are the best posts ever, especially since I prefer them over Mr. Enter. I just don't see why he's not in the Ten.

10 ProPanda
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11 WonkeyDude98
12 christangrant
13 Element119
14 EpicJake
15 Frodomar49
16 phillysports
17 Ananya
18 Randomator

179?! Are you kidding me? How is he not in the top 20?

19 NuMetalManiak
20 jack2244
21 DapperPickle

Number 25...i have faded into obscurity...

i have to return...

i have to be the best...

22 AnimeDrawer
23 BoredJeff02

He's an awesome guy

24 Aragorn98
25 Mcgillacuddy
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