Top Ten TopTenners of December 2018

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1 Metal_Treasure

Thanks for including me so highly in this list, currently at #1. And thank you everyone who included me in their remix and voted for me. I truly appreciate it. It means the world for me because I know I work very hard every month.

A great list maker who makes unique content

Greatest user in my opinion

2 DarkBoi-X

Overall one of the best of Gen-19

3 darthvadern

Good toptens member.

4 BreakFastBeast2005

Pretty good first month

Wow how did I get this high thanks guys

5 Randomator

Well one of the few Gen-18 users who must've had some sort of shield when Thanos(Puga) snapped his fingers

6 Userguy44

Has potential

7 isaaonrtdmtr

Still standing and one of my favourites of all time

Adam's a great one.

8 LightningStrike

He deserves a top ten spot.

Has potential

Professional Music is what I'm all for

9 anthonybecerra831
10 TheDarkOne_221b

A great friend to talk to!

The Contenders
11 HowToTrainYourDragonFan1001

A friend I just made yesterday and he's awesomne to talk to

12 B1ueNew

He has some high-quality lists!

A great supporter who silences Obama's brainwashed fans! RESPECT!

13 SpectralOwl

He hates me, but I still think he's decent, he's unsuspended as well now, yay

14 Camaro6

One of the greatest list makers ever

Her lists are good and she’s a great friend to chat with.

15 Joeljohns249
16 htoutlaws2012

Still king of remixes and comments

17 Cyri

The most creative user in my opinion

18 Puga
19 CaptainMowzker

Please don't take it too personal that I forgot to include to on the November 2018 list, there were just many users I wanted to have, he's excellent and a song writer even, some people say he's SomePersonYouHate, but I don't know

CM, you're awesome

I don't deserve to be on this list, I am retired and have no plans to return to this site. And believe me I'm done pulling the "I'M GONNA RETIRE THAN COME BACK" crap, I'm retired for real this time and I won't go back on my word. The support is nice, but I honestly doubt I deserve any of it.
Jeffery/ Jeffery0206/ BoredJeff02/ SomePersonYouHate/ CaptainMowzker

20 Ananya

She’s really nice and she made good lists. Very underrated user in my opinion.

21 CrimsonShark

This is to be my retirement month. However, I will not delete my account as its best to allow individuals to look at my work being credited and to take some decent notes.

I'll see if I can make some content here. I'll be leaving the site near the end of December. I've got better priorities to focus and settle on.

Goodbye man. It's been very nice to be friends and talk to you. You helped me grow as a user and I thank you for that. Hope you accomplish your goals and overcome challenges you're facing

So sad to hear another great user is retiring. I will miss you, CrimsonShark!

22 CharismaticKat

Pretty awesome user

23 Squidward48

He is a fan of Wii Play.

24 Alkadikce

My guy

25 Gg2000

Thanks, guys. November was a pretty fun month for me. I can't wait to see what December holds.

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