Top Ten TopTenners of February 2021

I have been requested by the man himself to create the Top Ten TopTenners of February list. I am of course talking about ht. So here we go. The users on this list have had a very good month of February and Lord was this list hard. I am obviously going to forget someone, so feel free to add any user you feel like had a good month. I hope you enjoy.
The Top Ten
1 Sloth21

My apprentice has been growing a lot. Between his incredibly consistent good quality list and his new blog post series, he is looking good. He has received a lot of well warranted praise from the community and he has simply been fantastic. Let's see what he will do going forward.

Sloth21 did had such an amazing month in february, I could barely believe it. He got a ton of featured lists, and I may be a little biased because of how nice he is to me through messages, but even putting that bias aside he's still awesome.

Wow, thanks for putting me on here this high. I’m going to try to keep it up! Also, all these amazing and positive comments from everyone made my day. Thank you.

Easily the best user of Gen-21 so far. Even broke my record of fastest user to 10 featured lists.

2 2storm

While I had a weak beginning to the month because of school, the last week has been very strong for me and I have a few things planned for the end of February. I, like Randomator, have a TopTens based tourney coming around the corner.

3 NuMetalManiak

NuMetalManiak has had a really good February and I think it is time we give her respect. Her new Pokemon tournament has been really good and she of course is very consistent as always. Not many lists made though... that's ok though, because NuMetalManiak's posts have been very good.

4 egnomac

His name makes me think of a giant ice cream monster for some reason anyone else get that vibe? Anyways this guy has some pretty good content.

egnomac keeps on doing his thing. One of the most consistent and most hardworking users we have ever had on this site.

5 Pnut

Pnut has been going off. 2021 has been an amazing year for him, as he kinda got overshadowed last year. Pnut has secured his claim as a top three user from Gen-21. Keep it up Pnut, your lists have been great.

Very helpful person

6 htoutlaws2012

I just saw his member score and HOW is it 5000 that's crazy! He must do a ton for this website. I've seen a couple of his remixes too and they seem good

ht has made good content this month as usual. This past week has been very good for him. I absolutely love his new free agent landing destinations lists and he should definitely keep those up. We should all know by now that ht deserves to be on every one of these lists.

7 Randomator

Randomator has been making very good posts recently. His Basketball League has been pretty fun and he made a new Drought Season. I think the biggest thing about February for Randomator is next month is March. That means Randomator's Annual March Madness Tourney is here. Get ready guys Randomator is about to have an amazing month.

8 Dark_Shadow

Dark_Shadow has made a pretty good comeback after a little break. He has been doing it all, between his high quality lists and his very entertaining posts. This past week in particular he has been very very good. Keep it up 👍.

9 PackFan2005

PackFan2005 has had an amazing February. He made good sports list, after good sports list, after good sports list, after good sports list, etc. I am very proud of him and hopefully he can keep it up.

10 Leafeon

Leafeon has also had a really good week this past week (it's like everyone has been doing stuff this week). Leafeon is very good hardworking user. I really enjoy his content.

The Contenders
11 Doawkfan
12 EvanTheNerd
13 HaiThere

HaiThere has been very good. He of course had his Weirdest Theories about Unsolved Mysteries which is really good. I also really love his camp posts. He need to keep them up.

14 Technoblade

he's done pretty good so far this month. He's recieved his first featured list, gotten 300 comments or so, and quite a few remixes, too

This month I had a very good month it was my second month actually I reached 50 followers, and have over 200 comments on the TTT

@SaltehTSS I am not the real technoblade but I’m a fan of him


15 Wildflower

This is a bit late but based on last month’s list I should be a lot higher

16 The21PanicFan
17 _Ghostly_
18 Pato_cargo
19 FlareLightX
20 UltraLunalaX
21 FremantleDockers
22 SirSheep
23 LLB
24 Powell
25 Merkwurdigliebe
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