Top Ten TopTenners Who Could Be the 2015 "Most Marvelous User"

The Top Ten TopTenners Who Could Be the 2015 "Most Marvelous User"

1 PositronWildhawk

He and Britgirl are good users, but they are number one on almost EVERY list. Give someone else a chance! - EpicJake

Wait, shouldn't the user join in 2015 to get an award? - DapperPickle

He may be on every list but he deserves it - jmepa1234

Classic TopTenner. He's dedicated to the cause and is constantly on this site, so he'll probably be 2015's "Most Marvelous User". - Songsta41

He consistently makes positive contributions, in prolific, intelligent, funny and creative lists, great comments and blogs, but most of all, I believe, in support of the community as a whole and toward individuals - Billyv

2 EpicJake

Let's see if I get to number one. - EpicJake

I'm in the top 3. Yay - EpicJake

Top 2? Ah yes! - EpicJake

3 Turkeyalysum

It's Turkeyasylum not Turkeyalysum. But agreed - EpicJake

Yes but Turkeyalysum isn't bad and not all members of the asylum can spell good - Billyv

4 Britgirl

The most marvelous user ever to step the site - keyson

She made a comeback - jmepa1234

How is SevenLizards higher?

5 Simpsondude

I don't think I deserve that title - simpsondude

6 SevenLizards

This guy follows me:) I enjoy my followers! - BetterThanYou

7 PetSounds

Thank-you, Jay and Turkey. - PetSounds

I don't like to vote on such things, comparing or choosing one great user over another, but as I told him early on and have mentioned to others, I have tremendous respect and admiration for the way he conducts himself. Along with his obvious knowledge, writing skills, humor, and the fact that he and I have some overlapping interests and have shared a great rapport, he is very friendly, respectful and a strong natural "role model", though he'd likely prefer to just be regarded as himself. - Billyv

He could emerge and join Britgirl and PW as legendary users. - Turkeyasylum

*dreamy voice* Why of course you are, my lovely Spencie! I can't imagine my life without you! (JK. Still love him though.) - RiverClanRocks

8 cosmo

Whoever added this guy is awesome - funnysoccerdude11

Thanks whoever added me! 😊 - cosmo

9 FunnyUser

She's great. Never change, funnyuser. - PetSounds

It saddens me that she isn't on as much as she used to be. - EpicJake

Thank you! But I think PetSounds is better than me, and more experienced. - funnyuser

10 PatrickStar

He's awesome! He posts great lists and a great person! - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 nintendofan126

Thank you everybody:)! That voted for me, and thank you to the one who added me! - nintendofan126

Should be in the top ten. - EpicJake

12 CartoonsGirl

Trust me, she is awesome! - Garythesnail

This userms Amazing! She needs to be higher. - nintendofan126

13 JaysTop10List

Made this list, should be on the top ten for sure - AnnaOfArendelle332

Thanks for putting me on the list. - JaysTop10List

14 Therandom

Therandom deserves at least a shot at the title. - Bronson

Gotta like his lists - EpicJake

Thanks for adding me! - Therandom

15 BigBrotherSucks
16 keycha1n
17 BKAllmighty
18 Happyhappyjoyjoy

Certainly the user I miss talking to the most. - PetSounds

19 AnnaOfArendelle332

This user is awesome! - JaysTop10List

I'm on here! Thanks to whoever added me - AnnaOfArendelle332

20 Puga

It boggles my brain to see Puga not in the top 10 - simpsondude

A very mature user. - EpicJake

21 georgiatechbasketball1995fan

Did you add yourself? - Guitar_Solo_Freak

22 SuperHyperdude
23 PugaSucks

PugaSucks Sucks! Puga doesn't! - TheKirbyCreeper999

Watch a YouTube channel called mouhamed k and subscribe

24 Keyson
25 alexcousins
26 Alexandr
27 MostTalented_BoyX
28 2storm

Thanks whoever added me I am on every day

Update: I'm number 28 cool - 2storm

2storm is an awesome user - Bronson

29 Disney1994

I made her higher up the list. - Pony

Disney1994 is actually a guy. I would know. He's eight years older than I am, and we're best friends and I talk to him every day. - RockFashionista

30 MusicalPony

He's done a lot. - PinkFloyd87

He's.. My former account - Pony

He did a lot. - Pony

31 Nick_10

Dude we know its you. We see your username on the bottom were not idiots. We know you added yourself. I never seen a list or a comment from you nick_10. So you don't deserve it

It's not the best idea to say good things about yourself. - Turkeyasylum

We all know you added yourself. - PetSounds

I love this guy! His lists and comments rock!

32 Cartermd
33 Kiteretsunu

Um hello somebody already added him?

I don't get why I had to add him... - Turkeyasylum

34 Finch
35 Comparisans

He has innovative lists

36 BetterThanYou

Deserves to be higher. He is friendly to his followers. - Pony

37 MeaganSaysHi
38 Sillykitty
39 velitelcabal
40 nelsonerico
41 PrincessPeachSucks
42 Chaotixhero
43 Timmytime

Thank you who ever put me here - timmytime

44 megatron007
45 Hriday
46 Irina2932
47 Magnolia
48 Money1208
49 AJIsTheCoolest
50 Larissa
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