Top Ten TopTenners Who Could Be the 2015 "Most Marvelous User"

The Top Ten

1 PositronWildhawk

He and Britgirl are good users, but they are number one on almost EVERY list. Give someone else a chance!

Wait, shouldn't the user join in 2015 to get an award?

He may be on every list but he deserves it

Classic TopTenner. He's dedicated to the cause and is constantly on this site, so he'll probably be 2015's "Most Marvelous User".

He consistently makes positive contributions, in prolific, intelligent, funny and creative lists, great comments and blogs, but most of all, I believe, in support of the community as a whole and toward individuals - Billyv

2 EpicJake

Let's see if I get to number one.

I'm in the top 3. Yay

Top 2? Ah yes!

3 Turkeyalysum

It's Turkeyasylum not Turkeyalysum. But agreed

Yes but Turkeyalysum isn't bad and not all members of the asylum can spell good - Billyv

4 Britgirl

The most marvelous user ever to step the site

She made a comeback

How is SevenLizards higher?

5 Simpsondude

I don't think I deserve that title

6 SevenLizards

This guy follows me:) I enjoy my followers!

7 PetSounds

Thank-you, Jay and Turkey.

I don't like to vote on such things, comparing or choosing one great user over another, but as I told him early on and have mentioned to others, I have tremendous respect and admiration for the way he conducts himself. Along with his obvious knowledge, writing skills, humor, and the fact that he and I have some overlapping interests and have shared a great rapport, he is very friendly, respectful and a strong natural "role model", though he'd likely prefer to just be regarded as himself. - Billyv

He could emerge and join Britgirl and PW as legendary users.

*dreamy voice* Why of course you are, my lovely Spencie! I can't imagine my life without you! (JK. Still love him though.)

8 cosmo

Whoever added this guy is awesome

Thanks whoever added me! 😊

9 FunnyUser

She's great. Never change, funnyuser.

It saddens me that she isn't on as much as she used to be.

Thank you! But I think PetSounds is better than me, and more experienced.

10 PatrickStar

He's awesome! He posts great lists and a great person!

The Contenders

11 nintendofan126

Thank you everybody:)! That voted for me, and thank you to the one who added me!

Should be in the top ten.

12 CartoonsGirl

Trust me, she is awesome!

This userms Amazing! She needs to be higher.

13 JaysTop10List

Made this list, should be on the top ten for sure

Thanks for putting me on the list.

14 Therandom

Therandom deserves at least a shot at the title.

Gotta like his lists

Thanks for adding me!

15 BigBrotherSucks
16 keycha1n
17 BKAllmighty
18 Happyhappyjoyjoy

Certainly the user I miss talking to the most.

19 AnnaOfArendelle332

This user is awesome!

I'm on here! Thanks to whoever added me

20 Puga

It boggles my brain to see Puga not in the top 10

A very mature user.

21 georgiatechbasketball1995fan

Did you add yourself?

22 SuperHyperdude
23 PugaSucks

Watch a YouTube channel called mouhamed k and subscribe

24 Keyson
25 alexcousins
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