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Can I just spend a moment to say how many of these people are so young? This list is super serious. Why is life so weird?
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Pretty much EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE I feel bad about SOMETHING. Like how EVERY T.V. sHOW EVER MADE can be considered crappy or awful, how I got banned from Wikipedia for doing the STUPIDEST things, and other awful stuff. I even feel guilty for liking Liv and Maddie, even though it's my favorite show. Why you ask? Because of all the people who hate it. I've realized that, if you think about it, there really ISN'T such a thing as a good T.V. show. EVERY SHOW has SOMETHING wrong with it, or SOME reason to hate it. Why can't we live in a world where you CAN like a show WITHOUT feeling like you're gonna go to hell for liking a show other people can't stand? It's like this with EVERY SHOW. EVERY TIME I like a show, I can't help but KNOW that someone, somewhere, considers it the worst show ever made. It's just SAD. I feel like I'm gonna go to hell because of ALL the shows I like that other people think are the worst ever (Liv and Maddie, Teletubbies, iCarly, and yes, even SpongeBob is guilty of ...more

This guy should be number one!


As long as you remain alive, no matter how bad things are there is always the Chance that they can get better. If you end it, there is No chance. Stick around for the whole ride, the ups and the downs. - Billyv

I can't imagine ever going back to being seriously suicidal. But If anyone is currently contemplating it, just power through and know that better things are yet to come. - keycha1n


Struggling with depression, anxiety, stuff I wouldn't like to mention, no one understands. But I'm getting phsycological help.


I'm really late to the party, but thank you for making this list... - JAE29


Wow I would never expect him to be suicidal he seemed so happy all the time, although I guess that's how we all act.


Thanks for adding me to this list. I've by far cured 20% of my depression. So you might see me change over the times.


Yes, I have been suicidal, and I'm slowly getting back on track. I suffer from depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, OCD, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and I think that's it. I just feel so afraid every time I think about killing myself, even though I really want to. I've cut myself before, but it hurt so bad and I kept stressing about the cut getting infected. Why can't I live a normal life?


Wait Maddy was suicidal? Nobody on this list or anywhere should be suicidal. :( - Garythesnail

Really? I didn't know this. - PositronWildhawk

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I truly feel bad for him, hopefully his life gets better - PeeledBanana

I've thought about killing myself more than once... and have attempted to end my own life quite a few times.

I did try to cut myself in 6th grade... enough said.


Yeah, on how happy and how stupid I can be, surprisingly I've been suicidal and still think suicidal thoughts. I've been depressed for 5 months one time. and I had no friends before and people bullied me all the time. My depression is gone and I'm alright now and have many friends in all places. I think that I controlled it but I had to take pills to help me get better cause I was bullied all the time, I cried over almost everything. I'm a soft hearted SoB I know, but I hardened up though (not that way trolololo) anyways I also nearly committed suicide once. - SirSkeletorThe3rd


Don't do it TK. Stay strong even when you feel like dying and never coming back. Life holds so much for you.

I'm trying to pull through


Being on this site for a year sure as hell didn’t help - NC


It's true, people. I've felt way down at the deep blues at very devastating times of my own pool of blood and tears. Good does not always triumph, I'm not winning this time... - Kevinsidis

Why am I not dead yet? - Kevinsidis


Yes I am suicidal. *looking at you, annoying 7th grade boys* - PizzaGuy


2017 and 2018 are not very good years for me to be honest... But I wont get into that.


To be honest I have constantly been broken into depression in late 2015 and 2016, but not even close to have suicided

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