Top Ten TopTenners Who Love Metal Music


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1 Metal_Treasure

It's even on his name. - TheFourthWorld

Yes, I do love metal music - everyone knows it. I also have a significant number of metal lists and comments.
The anonymous comment "Everyone knows I do love metal music" is also mine but it has no my signature because I probably logged out accidentally. So I had to write another comment, this one. - Metal_Treasure

Everyone knows I do love metal music.

2 IronSabbathPriest
3 NuMetalManiac
4 gemcloben
5 ryanrimmel
6 christangrant christangrant
7 AngryByrd
8 Flav
9 Caleb9000
10 EvilAngel

The Newcomers

? xEliHbkx
? I80

The Contenders

11 somekindofaguy
12 zxm
13 Brobusky
14 BoredJeff02

Sorta but very selective on what kind. - BlueTelegraph

15 Ananya
16 Rhapsody
17 NikBrusk
18 Mrveteran
19 htoutlaws2012
20 floral
21 RiverVibeZ
22 Userguy44
24 DarkBoi-X

Alternative Metal is my favourite genre of all time(Not just in Metal).
I also highly enjoy Thrash Metal and Progressive Metal. - DarkBoi-X

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1. Metal_Treasure
2. christangrant
3. ryanrimmel
1. NuMetalManiac
2. IronSabbathPriest
3. AngryByrd


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