Top Ten TopTenners Who Respect People's Opinions the Most

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1 Britgirl

She seems nice and could easily pass for being half her age for the bubbly-ness. She seems like the incarnation of the song "Let It Be."

Britgirl will accept anyone, even if you've done questionable things, she'll forgive you and still treat you like human.

2 PositronWildhawk

With all due respect, this list is just... Not right! And that's a fact! Sort of.

Update: With the help of many votes, I think this list has developed quite nicely.

He is very good user here

3 Puga

He only doesn't respect opinions when they aren't backed up with valid information. Otherwise, he does respect opinions.

Actually he doesn't respect opinions.

Well he made the unpopular opinion post

I like this toptener is very unique

4 EpicJake
5 BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

Please, for the love of all things holy, STOP SAYING YOU'RE THE BEST USER!

That's right stop saying it BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNo you are the worst user ever

Not this narcissistic crap again.

Good job putting yourself at number 1

I'm the best user to have ever walked the planet.

He thinks it funny that he is bullying me which it is not he is the worst person ever even worst than self destruct which is saying something because I hate that user

6 SevenLizards

Why is lizards here? Him not respecting opinions is why the policy exists.

7 Funnyuser

Yup, I try my best to respect opinions.

8 TurkeyAsylum

He is very nice and friendy

9 TotalDramaSucks
10 christangrant

Out of all the metalheads, he's definitely the most accepting.

I respect anyones opinion I don't care what you listen to

Probably the most respectful metalhead here.

The Newcomers

? HaiThere

I do agree that Britgirl should be number one, but HaiThere is a guy who doesn't really like being divisive over politics or anything stupid. He sees you and me as humans. Not boy and girl, this creed or that creed. Ask him yourself.

Despite having my own opinions on social issues and all that jazz, but I don't shove my verdict down your throat. Live and let live. (Yes, it is possible to live and let live, but still disagree on things.)

The Contenders

11 Egnomac
12 ModernSpongeBobSucks

Honestly, I was pretty narrow-minded and hypersensitive back in my early days as a user, but nowadays, I strive to be tolerant and respectful of other people's opinions.

He hates you if you hate anime. Enough said.

13 Andre56

Haha who ever put this guy on this list really needs to think for a bit.

He is someone who hates Eminem. So I dunno.

14 Totaldramamustdie
15 Minecraftcrazy530
16 ProPanda

This is my guy right here. I've never seen him attack anyone's opinions

17 anonygirl
18 keyson
19 BKAllmighty
20 RockFashionista
21 cosmo
22 Userguy44

The boi the boi, I've never seen him bash anyone's opinion and he is cool so therefore he must be protected at all costs.

I can't comprehend what not very respectful of opinions Userguy44 would be like.

Yes, I’m very respectful

23 Deception

This is a joke, right? He's one of SelfDestruct's many troll accounts, and SelfDestruct's crimes are based on him being completely unable to respect opinions.

What a joke. He is one of SD's fake trolling accounts.

24 PatrickStar

He does, definitely. He's a nice user who would always try his best.

25 BigBrotherSucks
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