Top Ten TopTenners Who Should Like Barney the Dinosaur


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1 Turkeyasylum

BarneyTheDinosaurRocks (or JustinBIEBERLOVER I guess because it's obviously the same person) please stop trolling. You're not improving the website by being annoying, so can you please stop trolling? - Imreallyboredrightnow

I think we all know this is a troll list. It's too obvious. Don't feed by the way. - TheMeaningOfLifeIs42

Well, whoever made this list is an idiot

I personally prefer this site with some amount of trolling, its really funny and only annoying if you believe what he is saying - kempokid

2 Britgirl

I want off this planet - EpicHorrorMaster



3 PositronWildhawk

This person whoever created this is a troll. - DynastiNoble

I'm going to say this for MainstreamWildhawk...
"Do you ever doubt, people? " - CerealGuy

4 xandermartin98
5 LeRoiDesSapins

Agreed. Yep. - B1ueNew

He's no longer on this site.

Hahaaahahaa roi - B1ueNew

6 nintendofan126

Sure! I'll watch barney! As soon as a Mario game is released on the Xbox one. - nintendofan126

No one deserves to watch this show so quit trolling! - Skullkid755

He was being sarcastic,just saying - Nateawesomeness

7 admin

Should be at number 1.

Yep. - Camaro6

He loves it

8 Keyson
9 Garythesnail

Noo! - NoOreoForU

I'm his friend. And LOL he still hates it. - NoOreoForU

10 445956

The Contenders

11 NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva
12 Jihadi_John_Isis
13 BlueDiamondFromNowhere
14 Barneythedinosaurrocks

It literally says BARNEYthedinosairROCKS!

No! I thought he liked Thomas the Train! - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Because it says it in your name. - BubbleBear01

At least some people(including me) learned there lesson with JBL) - Therandom

15 B1ueNew



HAHAAA very funny Roi - B1ueNew

16 ihatetrump
17 Puga
18 ModernSpongeBobSucks
19 Disney1994
20 EpicJake

You know what? Screw this. There is no point in feeding the troll anymore. There just isn't. - EpicJake

Yeah! I Agree With EpicJake. This Troll Really Needs To Stop Forcing Other People To Like A Show He Likes.

BarneyTheDinasourRocks EpicJake will never watch it EpicJake is more epic than you
No onle likes Barney in fact I will do a list of why the person who added that is better thsn Gravity Falls is wrong. SCRE YOU BARNEYTHEDINASOUR ROCKS (P.S. I VOTED THIS TO PROVE YOU WRONG)

21 DapperPickle
22 TwilightKitsune

She should not watch Barney, who in this list even likes that show?

She will never watch that show.

Good one! You are comedic gold, BTDR! - TwilightKitsune

23 Gemcloben

He's Not Going To Watch It - Fabricitem


Yeah, they're the same person. - BubbleBear01

She already did... she is the same person as the maker of this list. - Skullkid755

25 Userguy44

Yeah I like him. #BTDRGOAT! - Userguy44

26 Camaro6
27 Superminecraftkid

Sadly, his account got removed - CerealGuy

28 BKAllmighty

I added myself since I was a HUGE fan of Barney growing up as a kid. People put a lot of hurt on him and the show these days which I don't understand since he was always fun, happy, colourful, and educational (without being boring). Of course, I was mainly a fan of the pre-T.V. series video series that was made before Barney hit the bigtime. The series was called "Barney and the Backyard Gang" and was made between 1988 and 1991 (right before I came into the world). Of course, 'Barney & Friends' debuted in 1992 so I did watch that show during its earliest years. - BKAllmighty

That's what my sister says! Apart from the Barney and the Barnyard Gang and watching the show in it's earliest years. - PizzaGuy

29 Catacorn
30 SelfDestruct
31 Cardboard. King.5
32 TeenTitansGoSucks

TeenTitansGoSucks is awesome. Take her off - TwilightKitsune

33 KoolGuy2218

He does. He's the same person as this lists maker. - Skullkid755

34 VideoGamefan5
35 I80

How dare you. - I80

36 Andre56

He probably will only like it isle he can "star in it". - Therandom

37 Ededdneddyfan55
38 Discord1

I'll never like my most hated show of all time! - Discord1

39 doodie

Who just added me? - doodie

40 NexusUnterganger639
41 IcetailofWishClan

Who put me on here? I do not, and I never will, like Barney the Dinosaur. - IcetailofWishClan

42 iliekpiez
43 henry_danger_is_great

Oh yes he defintily would love to watch it over then the simpsons no really go check his lists out. - MorlaTurtle8

44 Breadwinnersislofe

I already do like Barney

45 Demon_Kitty

Wowo I def Stan barney

46 LizardKing99
47 PizzaGuy
48 BlueTopazIceVanilla
49 BestPersonEver
50 RiverClanRocks

The best person ever sure as hell give his life to end Barney.

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