Top Ten TopTenners Who Would Make a Great President

The Top Ten TopTenners Who Would Make a Great President

1 speed

I just want to put myself first once don't worry it's gonna go down we all know if I was president we will all die.good news we will die Awesomely - speed

2 jerk4life
3 Britgirl
4 cosmo
5 RiverClanRocks
6 leafstar

Haha no thanks - leafstar

She is awesome but she won't win I'll probably go against her and win.
Lol jk
In my dreams I'm gonna lose - speed

7 BlueFrostOfThunderClan
8 keyson
9 TwilightKitsune

Thanks Whoever added me here. I'm gonna make you my assistant - TwilightKitsune

Vote Twilightkitsune 2016

This could work. - ProPanda

10 Jake09

The Contenders

11 Righteous

Haha Haha It's so funny who add me, I don't think I'm a good leader - Righteous

12 Goku02
13 Blear

Blear? He sent death threats to Puga and Therandom - TwilightKitsune

14 TheEvilNuggetCookie
15 NexusUnterganger639
16 HalloweenJack
17 theOpinionatedOne
18 Selfigirl
19 Metal_Treasure
20 IronSabbathPriest
21 ryanrimmel
22 WonkeyDude98
23 PositronWildhawk
24 SwagFlicks
25 StevenUniverseIsAwesome
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