Top Ten Age Groups of TheTopTens Users

This is more of a survey to find out the most popular age groups for the TopTens.
The Top Ten
1 11-14

This is my age group. And 90% of the people in this group (in general, not this website) are dirtbags.

I'm a 12 year old without a TheTopTens account. When I turn 13, I might have one.

I'm 12. Nearly 13. This is my current age group. However, I joined when I was 10.

This is the group I'm in. But in December, I'll be moving up.

2 15-17

I get along well with people in this age group. Spencer and Jared for the win!

In about 9 months... I know it's a long ways away, but I'm excited to start driving (permit at least... )

Maddy and Spencer are like my best friends here.

Just gimme three days, and I'll hit this group.

3 18-20

I'm in this group then, because I'm 19.

My group for the win!

Yep my age group

4 21-28

Today almost nobody fits in this category considering the fact that this site is ruled by young teenagers and preteens.

I don't know why, but I seem to relate to this age group the best.

I'm in the last category here, in January I'm moving to the 29-64!

I'll be in this group in six months. Get that beer ready!

5 29-64

One of the most mature users of this site is around this age group.

6 65+

Does this count for the people who jokingly say they are 100 years old?

Wow. Id be amazed to see elderly like this site.

There are users that are 65 years old?

There are users this old? Wow!

7 8-10
8 6-7
9 4-5

4-5 Are the users who make lists about poop, pee, butt, toilet, farts or anything gross.

10 7-13

I guess I'm almost in the last year of this age group.

The Contenders
11 0-100

I'm not on this age group. I am -39 years old!

Dang! Not in this age group!

So, like, everybody?

12 Under 4

Ah, yes. This is my age group. I've mentally been in this one for over 13 years.

They have one too? I thought most kids are too young for the internet!

Are there ANY users under 4?

I am the spiritual embodiment of a grown man with the mind of an deranged 4 year old in the closet

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