Best Gen-21 Users of TheTopTens

In case anyone wants to know what qualifies as gen-21, it would be to have joined/started doing stuff in the span between July 2020 to June 2021. Another case would be when you produced your content in recognition. This list will update overtime as this gen like others will continue to grow overtime as the past gens had done.
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1 Sloth21

Sloth21 is not only the best Gen-21 user, but he is also one of the best users of all time in my opinion. His lists are amazing, creative, and very high-quality.

He is a really good user. I love how creative his lists are and he has seemed really nice to me through messaging. We have a few differences (I think sloths are creepy, for one) but he's really nice and I think will soon be one of the best users on this site.

Sloth21 makes some of the greatest lists of all time. Already a rising star with lots of featured and high quality lists. He is also very friendly and humble.

One of his lists, top ten things to be the God or goddess of, got me into this site. I think I might make an account.

2 Dark_Shadow

Well, well, well! What do have here more sports users. This one is capable of putting out some well done list ideas. You show your skills, and hard working focus on this site. You look to continue doing so as potential favorite of this gen.

Very cool user and is definitely one of the biggest standouts of this generation.
Dark_Shadow has some very good content such as many high quality and very interesting lists.

Dark_Shadow is probably my favorite so far.

Probably the best user of this new gen.

3 Pnut

Yay more sport users. Once again another user heavily into sports. Loves his Steel curtain. Perhaps the most positive going of this field and we need more positivity at the moment. Enlighten our moods please. Give us us a nut in steel made content produced.

I think that he's quite underrated. He has some great and high quality lists. I think he will go down in history as an amazing user

One of the best rising stars of this generation.
Pnut makes some very original and high quality lists and he seems like a really nice user.

Glad to have another rising star

4 LuigiFan21

He definitely has some good content, and while he isn't super active I might not put him in the top three, but I do think he deserves better than 6th.

Initially think oh that user. No, not that past one. This is definitely a much different user with a Luigi obsession. Fan of the Mario franchise along with liking rock songs to boot based on tastes. Little to show, but getting liking already.

This guy looks promising!

5 CubsFan16

Two Bears fans you say? This one is a lot more active though and he is apart of the Sports Evolution. He is definitely lives up to his name a diehard sports fan. Rises to the occasion when a sports lists comes to mind.

Another cool sports user.

6 _Ghostly_

Just knew him since recently but he seems like a very guy cool. Also nice profile picture.

7 Technoblade

The growth of Packers fans... is rather fascinating, to say the least. There are times he shows a good effort. Even if not always perfect. I would know too.

At times he has some very good content, and he's quite the determined user.

I like his bad habits we all share list

Thanks for putting me on here

8 im_thetraintrain

I'm not that big into Minecraft, but this guy definitely will bring up great points. Nice to have more international stars from across the globe. Thetraintrain can excel from the ground up.

Very awesome underrated user. Lists are HQ, comments are respectful and well done, plus he likes Axolotls

It's sad that he deleted his account. He was a great user.

Goodbye, my friend. You had so much potential.

9 MrCrabmeat

Another gamer, but very hardcore all well rounded from your small sample. This Crab looks to be showing some serious precision unlike a crab legs backup quarterback, but of course you wouldn't get that joke.

I'm still in the top 10 and my account's been deleted? This guy deserves to be much higher -im_thetraintrain

10 AlanaThePony

Very boldly opinionated user and seems pretty cool. AlanathePony is probably my favourite female user of this generation.

You show some talent with your list making abilities. Let's see how much expansion you have in the arsenal. You seem very diverse with your topics.

The Contenders
11 Doawkfan

Waited for the right time to make an account after 6 years of browsing. We Will just have to see how the content will present itself over time. Personality over content is not something I'd condone.

I'm pretty sure that she's a gen-21 user, and she's actually already pretty much surpassed most of the gen when it comes to member score. Her comment spree is impressive.

I see a lot of potential for this user.
Doawkfan seems like a really nice user who is very opinionated, but she also has a very fast comment spree.

She's a good user.

12 CaasMcKowl

This is probably one of the best users we've had so far. He does suspiciously know a lot about this community despite being new, but the point is that he makes some of the most high quality comments and lists I've seen in years. I'd put him in the top five if anything on this list.

13 ShugaKukki
14 iryoku

From the profile seems... like a master conversationalist. The apprentice to Kevinsidis may have picked a very strong one right here. Just from the little sample you seem to be very relatable when being awkward, and that's just find we like unique around here.

Should be first. Great user with great potential

I miss her very much

She’s such a nice and fearless user. Tania is great

15 juliav910

I mean she's my sister, so I have to vote her I guess. But she is really chill.

She is an awesome, kind, fun to talk to and mature user!

I'm shocked I am even on this list at all! Thanks guys!

16 Rhea_da_second

He is a cool user so far, I might follow him at some point, he also has some good lists

17 Tamagotchidude229
18 noner

He was a funny user. It's sad that his account got deleted.

Interesting new user who likes among us a lot...

He's very funny, I love his lists!

19 shadowthehedgehog

She has shown some significant improvement in her list quality lately. Let's see more of you to come.

How is she only #40? She should be in the top 15. She's a great user who makes very good video game lists.

20 HaggingRock100

Seeing he has a strong taste for music, he will give some new flavor perspective.

21 Breezy-

Miami sports diehard, while there is very little to say of him. He does have something going he could start with based on his pfp. I guess being Breezy and mellow is the way to go far out, dude.

22 theGreatGeekGamer

Has serious potential for being one of the best remixers in this gen.

23 Jhurd69

An up and coming Cleveland sports fanatic already has great potential. Let’s see what he brings to the Table as the representative for the Browns coming off an impressive season

don't know much about him, though I'd love to get to know him better. Seems like he has potential and he also seems like he's a good guy

I see potential with this Cleveland diehard sports fan. From the little small sample, I can see a hardworker in the future.

He's off to a pretty good start and has potential

24 Auddie

Yea she's cool

25 YnwMellyFan
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