Top Ten Ideas for Battles Between TopTenners and YouTubers

The Top Tens and YouTube are the two websites I use the most. In fact, has anyone thought of making a list about battles between top tenners and You Tubers? If so, has it become a reality? Maybe not. If it was before this list was made, then merge this list with it. If not, then approve this list.I hope you enjoy this list, and I'll try to do something like this one one day. Not happy with the outcomes? Make up new ones by commenting on the list or your own remix.
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1 Gligar13vids vs. CastleVaniaFanboy128

How it begins : CastleVaniaFanboy128 checks out many videos by Gligar13vids. He sees how awful his taste in video games is. They then talk to each other on Google Plus. Gligar13vids tells Castlevaniafanboy128 that he hates The Top Tens. They then decide to fight each other.

Preparations : CastleVaniaFanboy128 gets a Portal Gun from Portal. Gligar13vids gets a sniper rifle from Call of Duty. They both decide to wear farming clothes during the fight so that one of them is defeated faster than they would with armor on.

Fight : Gligar13vids is hiding within a tree house. CastleVaniaFanboy128 is speed walking and changing his direction every few steps. Gligar13vids sees him and tries to snipe him. He misses since he doesn't know that sniping requires skill and not just whether your target is seen through the scope or not. CastleVaniaFanboy128 hears where the gun was shot and shoos an orange portal into the tree house while Gligar13vids is screaming about missing with his eyes closed. CF128 then shoots a blue portal under him and he pushes Gligar13vids out of the tree house from behind. Gligar13vids lands on his feet and looks up into the tree house. He sees CF128 in time so he snipes him between the eyes. Sadly, this is the first time the good guy doesn't always win on this list.

Award : Sadly, Gligar13vids gets an Xbox360, and then hates on Fable 2 afterwards.

2 Angry Video Game Nerd vs. Ikerevievs

How it begins : Angry Video Game Nerd makes a top tens account. Ikerevievs sees him and finds out about messaging. After a talk about the website, they talk about gaming. Angry Video Game Nerd sees that he hates many good games more than those he reviewed and hated a lot. They fight.

Preparations: Angry Video Game Nerd puts armor made of console accessories on to protect his body. Ike doesn't wear any armor but doesn't wear a Vault 10 Jumpsuit from Fallout 3. Angry Video Game Nerd has an NES Zapper and a Power Glove for weapons. Ike has a Gravity Gun and a crowbar for weapons. They both make their health 100.

Fight : Angry Video Game Nerd punches the crowbar out of Ike's hand with the Power Glove.
Ike lifts and throws Angry Video Game Nerd 15 times into a brick wall with the Gravity Gun, until he drops it. Angry Video Game Nerd uses the opportunity of Ike crouching to zap him in the spine to freeze him. He then punches him 75 times in the head and knocks him out. Angry Video Game Nerd wins.

Award : Angry Video Game Nerd gets 2000 more subscribers.

3 The Mysterious Mr. Enter vs. ModernSpongeBobSucks

How it begins : MSBS comments on a video by TMME about how he is to hard on the writers for Sponge Bob. They argue with each other by making comments on the video. 3 days later, TMME makes an account for The Top Tens. His username is ModernSpongeBobBetterThanIt'sHaters. MSBS messages him to say Hi. TMME reveals his identity. They then decide to battle.

Preparations : MSBS is trained by Master Roshi and Kirito. He invents the Kamehameha Sword Blast during his training. He then decides it is time for him to battle. TMME steals the souls of each and every one of his subscribers to form armor that can only be destroyed with something with a power level of at least 9,000. MSBS has a sword and knowledge of Ki, and TMME has a hammer and his soul armor.

Fight : MSBS smashes his sword into TMME's armor. It doesn't do damage and it damages MSBS. He does so 5 more times. He is on the ground and has a hard time getting up. TMME smashes him with a hammer several times. MSBS stores his Ki in his sword and then hits TMME's armor. The Kamehameha Sword Blast destroys the armor. TMME then runs around and tries to attack, but is blocked and stabbed each time. Eventually, MSBS cuts TMME's head off.

Award : ModernSpongeBobSucks gets a good Sword Art Online video game.

4 Matty B vs. Puga
5 Watchmojo vs Admin

How it begins : Admin thinks that Watchmojo copied Admin's website even though Watchmojo didn't know about it. They begin to insult and argue with each other. Watchmojo swears outloud so Admin locks him in prison. Watchmojo breaks out and fights Admin.

Preparations : Admin has a rocket launcher and Watchmojo has two hidden blades in his jacket. They both wear normal clothing.

Fight : Admin and Watchmojo stand in front of each other. They stare into each others eyes. Admin points the rocket launcher at Watchmojo and shoots a rocket at him. Watchmojo jumps back and goes behind a tree. He then circles around the arena. Admin keeps shooting rockets that miss until he runs out. Watchmojo jumps behind him and stabs him in the back. Watchmojo claims victory.

Award : Watchmojo gains the ability to have unpopular opinions on opinionated top tens lists he makes.

6 KeemStar vs. Martinglez Daniel M. Keem (born March 8, 1982), better known by his online alias Keemstar, is an American YouTuber, podcaster, and streamer. A controversial figure, he is best known for being the host of the Internet popular culture news show DramaAlert, a source for news within YouTube. He is also one of the... read more

How it begins : Castlevaniafanboy128 makes a list dissing KeemStar. Do to this, KeemStar tries to kill Castlevaniafanboy128. Martinglez saves him and battles KeemStar.

Preparations : KeemStar grabs a gun, Martinglez grabs a pole. They both grab healing fruit. KeemStar and Martinglez get on opposite sides of the arena.

Fight : KeemStar shoots Martinglez. The bullet is hit back when Martinglez uses his pole as a baseball bat. Martinglez then uses his pole to go into the air and strike KeemStar in the head. KeemStar is able to dodge and then shoots Martinglez in the side and does damage. Martinglez uses his healing fruit and then whacks KeemStar with the pole vault 13 times, and then uses the pole vault to launch KeemStar out of the arena, making Martinglez the winner.

Award : Martinglez gets a better guitar.

7 SuperMinecraftKid vs. Therandom
8 Trent Duncan vs. Blear

How it begins : Trent Duncan meets Blear who is a fan of him. They decide to talk for a few minutes. Blear says he doesn't like one of his battles so Trent decides to fight him to punish him.

Preparations : They decide to make it a fist fight but still have smoke bombs with them.

Fight : Trent uppercuts Blear. Blear goes up a few feet then ducks when Trent tries to jab him. Blear then grabs Trent's foot and makes him fall. Trent uses a smoke bomb to get behind Blear. Blear is aware of this and spins around with his fist spread out to attack him easily. Trent is unable to dodge this attack and has to be offensive by uppercutting Blear's right fist. Blear's hand is broke and this allows Trent to knock him out with one punch.

Award : Trent gets 10000000000000000000000000000 dollars.

9 Haedox vs. Skullkid755

How it begins : Haedox sees that Skullkid755 made a rant on Activision just like him. Haedox is happy about this and invites Skullkid755 to a friendly fencing match. Skullkid755 agrees and fences with him.

Preparations : They each get a sword and armor to fight with.

Fight : They stand on a platform above a lake. Whoever can knock the other person off wins. Skullkid755 smacks him in the face with his sword. Haedox then crouches and swipes Skullkid755's feet. Skullkid755 uses the sword blade to not hit the ground and then pushes himself back up with it quickly. He then blocks Haedox's attacks until being hit in the face three times. Skullkid755 back flips and knocks Haedox to the edge. Haedox grabs the edge and comes back up without being seen by Skullkid755. Skullkid755 is hit in the back and is knocked over the edge.

Award : Haedox gets Zelda Breath of the Wild early.

10 Dante Emmet vs. Metts

How it begins : Dante Emmet meets his Top Tens self Metts when they both go outside there websites. They fight over whether YouTube or The Top Tens is better. They decide to fight eachother Super Smash Bros style.

Preparations : Metts and Dante Emmet decide to include the fire flower, smash ball, and bullet bill in the match but leave out everything else.

Fight : Dante Emmet jumps over Metts and grabs the fire flower. He damages Metts until Metts get's behind him. Metts then knocks Dante Emmet off the side. Dante Emmet then comes back down and uses the bullet bill power up. He pushes Metts over the side but Metts manages to get back onto the arena. Dante Emmet doesn't fall off and instead grabs Metts and tosses him off the side. He does so again when he comes back. Metts then grabs the smash ball and uses it long enough to knock Dante Emmet off the side once. Dante Emmet then grabs a bullet bill but misses but still stays on the arena. Metts grabs him and holds him until the timer reaches 3. Dante Emmet is thrown off the side and doesn't have time to return since the time runs out. Metts wins.

Award : The Top Tens get's twice as much popularity.

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11 M4j0r45 vs. Zelda Master
12 PositronWildhawk vs Pewdiepie
13 TwilightKitsune vs. NicoleArbour
14 RiceGum vs B1ueNew

I find that ricegum keeps getting views and clicks from his videos, then I roast him on xbox chat then he drops a diss track on me, and then I make a response they destroys him

15 MorlaTurtle8 vs Violete1st
16 Filthy Frank vs OnyxtheOcelot
17 UnofficialBlaine vs Pokemane
18 Puga vs KSI
19 TheYoshiPyro64 vs EvanTubeHD
20 SuperMinecraftKid vs Nateawesomeness
21 leafyishere vs Speed
22 VideoGamefan5 Vs ElectricDragon505
23 PositronWildhawk Vs Charlieissocoollike
24 VideoGamefan5 Vs Screen Rant
25 iDubbbzTV Vs SirSkeletorThe3rd
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