Top Ten Reasons That I Am Probably the Worst TheTopTens User Ever

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1 I have a list that has been on here for months and only has 2 comments.

It's the same for me too, dude. Don't feel bad about yourself. Enjoy you for being you.

2 I once got a message that said "u R a disgrace to"

You should not listen to such people, people like em don't have any significance, so just ignore, they are dumb and foolish. You can think that if people are sending msg whick are of no point, you should block em.

He is a disgrace. He is a bully, and didn't even put the right website!

Don't listen to people like that.

3 As soon as I message someone they log off

As soon as I message someone, I'd be having the need to log off.

4 I once got a message that said "i hope yolo (you only live once) because no one on this website can stand u to live twice"

People are being mean to you. You're an underrated member.

5 Even my brother didn't laugh at my random lists
6 Someone I know actually said it to my face
7 I think its true
8 I had a dream that while I was on adding a list God came out of the computer and strangled me

That is a dream

Is it bad I'm dying right now?

9 Jokes that make my real friends laugh at me make my online ones get a new best friend

You shouldn't consider yourself worst for this. Sometimes I too think that I'm a good for nothing boy (it happens many times). My real life friends consider me as a really boring individual. That's why I prefer to remain alone most of the time (I'm an introvert).

10 I am a fail in real life, so why not here too?

No! You should not feel like that, we are here for survival,
All of us have to strife, never give up, never give in.
Stand with your head held High!
And remember there is no success without failure.
Nobody on this planet can succeed without survival.

Its not acceptable for you to feel this way! You seem so depressed. I don't know you in real life, but one thing I can tell you is that you wont get anywhere with this outlook on life. And you wont get better by saying you're bad!

Who defines what failure is? Society? People around us, based on their own perceptions and experiences? It's all subjective, so you are the only one who gets to control your perspective.

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11 He made this list for attention and you all are giving it to him

People say "You just want attention" for everything. We can feel compassion for someone if we want. There's a difference between wanting comfort and wanting attention.

I think this list is getting really suicidal.

12 Making this list

I have a feeling this user may be suicidal to make a list like this.

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