Top Ten Reasons Why Disney1994 Is a Great User

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1 He is able to push through things like autism
2 He comes up with aspects that some people have never even thought about.

For example, he said that one of the reasons he enjoyed Teletubbies was because there was no sexism or racism portrayed. I have never thought of that before.

3 He is very intelligent

His comments have perfect spelling and grammar, he knows his favorite Disney songs in many languages, he watches his favorite movies in his mind, and he seems very smart even though I don't know him in real life.

If he didn't think that all T.V. shows were objectively bad and he accepted that everyone has different opinions, maybe he would be very intelligent.

Yes because he is suicidal over T.V. and he thinks Monty python's sister is lucky to die

Him intelligent? He can't even spell Alzheimer's disease for Pete's sake!

4 He likes Disney

He has great taste in Disney movies and shows. Also; Kim Possible, Lilo&Stitch, The Emperor's New School are my favorite shows from Disney.

This List Is Inaccurate He Sucks He has A horrible Taste In T.V. shows He Only Has A decent taste in disney/Pixar movies (Even though I love disney/pixar)

One of the common interests I have with him. We like a lot of the same Disney movies, too.

He's actually okay. Although he does hate his life and is "immature", he tries to be cool.

5 He is a great person to talk to

He truly is. He has very strong opinions, and puts ideas in my head that I never even thought of before he brought them up!

We have deep and thoughtful conversations.

No offense, but I hate him. He's a man-child.

He's nice to me.

6 He isn't afraid to share his opinions

Let me ask you guys 1 thing: Is it really a crime to like Liv and Maddie? Is it a crime to have an opinion on a Disney show? Is it really worth your time cyberbullying an innocent user on the internet SOLELY on liking something? Guys, just...BE NICE. Disney1994 is a human. And human's are allowed to like things. You, whoever's reading this, are allowed to like things. Why can't he? Be a kinder person on this website and RESPECT OPINIONS. Thank you.
- A user who doesn't have an account yet.

Neither is he afraid to disrespect others...

I rather enjoy his opinions.

7 His lists are creative

Heck no! Lists about hating T.V. shows and why life sucks is really immature.

Like reasons to hate T.V. shows and why people suck I don't think so

All of them are. He inspires me.

8 He is kind to everyone on TheTopTens

Disney1994 is one of my favorite users on this site, because he never says anything mean to me (or anyone else) and uses this site for its real purpose.

He was polite to me. I'm starting to think he isn't so bad after all. I'm talking about the new Disney1994 (opinionsarenotwrong).

Not exactly. I heard he calls people hypocrites over their opinions.

He was a really nice guy.

9 His comments are entertaining to read

No. He whines about T.V. shows and movies, and keeps spamming hate comments about the SpongeBob episode "The Battle of Bikini Bottom." Plus, he spammed about his life being bad on the lis "Stupidest Reasons to Get In Trouble." And that comment about DisneyAnime1234. Don't even get me started on that.

Yes. They're very entertaining to read. His comments are entertaining to read because of how hilariously awful and hypersensitive they are. Sorry to say this, but this is what I see from him almost every day.

Especially comments on shows he doesn't like.

10 His remixes are awesome

Who cares if his remixes are flooded with Disney movies? That's his opinion and he can like whatever he wants.

And he makes a lot of them!

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11 He hates Sanjay and Craig

While it's good that he hates Sanjay and Craig, judging how good of a user that someone is based on what shows they like or dislike is just deplorable.

I can see why people hate this show. It's crap!

Who doesn't hate this show?

Who can blame him?

12 He is a great friend

I'm glad you like him, RockFashionista. I am personally neutral towards him, but you can like him all you want.

I like how I can talk to him about my problems, and he always listens.

13 He has a good point when he says that we would be a better community if we had the same opinions.

Think about it. Please.

14 He's right that Frozen is actually underrated and doesn't deserve its hate
15 He doesn't like The Loud House because it's like Sanjay and Craig with the toilet humor
16 He has a point that Goodbye May Seem Forever is a beautiful song with a beautiful moral
17 He hates Breadwinners
18 He hates One Coarse Meal and A Pal for Gary
19 He knows that Ink Lemonade and Out of the Picture are the worst post-sequel SpongeBob episodes
20 He has good taste in Disney animated movies like The Lion King and Encanto
21 He hates Fanboy and Chum Chum
22 He hates Marvin Marvin and Fred: The Show
23 He loves Band Geeks and Chocolate with Nuts
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