Top Ten Reasons Why TopTensFan Is a Good User

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1 He Stands Up for What He Believes In

That is something we must all love about anyone.

Thank you for making this list.

He was a pretty cool guy.

2 He's Awesome

This item made me face palm. Did you mean " he's awesome?

Wait, a "dick"? He is a good user, but not a dick

I r8 8/8 4 good grammer

3 He Doesn't Care What Anyone Else Thinks
4 He's Not a Bully

We don't care. You deserve to be stalked because you made two extremely disgusting lists saying incredibly rude things about atheists and homosexuals. So we're not gonna stop stalking you because you deserve it.

Yes he is. He made lists that were complete attacks against atheists and homosexuals. Everyone should be treated equally. Your beliefs and sexuality don't matter.

Oh sure *sarcasm sarcasm* he only attacked homosexuals, and atheists, and is a racist homophobe *sarcasm sarcasm* that doesn't make him a bully! *sticks a thumb up and vomits sarcasm*

He pretty much is for making the list of the reasons to not like homosexuals.

5 He Has Manners

Posting prejudiced lists about hating homosexuals and atheists and not responding to criticism isn't showing manners either.

Hmm, making lists hating a certain thing and calling people liars means he has so many manners!

He has manners, to straight Christians!

He has no manners at all.

6 He's Nice

No. We're not gonna stop stalking you. Cause you know why? You ' deserve it cause what you said about atheists and homosexuals was extremely prejudice. You didn't even bring up the fact that not all atheists are close-minded jerks. There are atheists who respect other people's beliefs you know?

We're not expecting you to accept them. We're saying that you shouldn't just flat out say that ALL atheists are close-minded jerks. There are atheists who respect other people's beliefs and you clearly sound like you don't right now.

Haha andre56, you're hilarious. But seriously though, give better reasons.

He sure wasn't nice in his list of reasons to not like atheists.

7 He Respects Others' Opinions

Have you even seen his lists of reasons to hate homosexuals and Atheists?

Really? His recent lists prove this list wrong

Nor does he respect anyone's!

Sure I do the random

8 He Makes Good Lists
9 He Is Funny
10 He Makes Good Comments
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11 He Respects All Opinions
12 He's Smart

TopTensFan obviously doesn't have sense because he's as smart as an obnoxious 4 year old who thinks that the whole world revolves around him and doesn't care about others at all.

Yeah, and look at who made this list.

13 He Is Nice
14 He Makes Good Remixes
15 He's a Good Person to Talk To

TopTensFan obviously needs to get a life. If he even has one.

16 He Makes Good Blog Posts
17 He Is Supportive
18 He Apologized
19 He Is Cool
20 He's a Fan of TheTopTens
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