Top Ten Sweetest TopTenners

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1 Britgirl

She has a heart of gold.

She is so sweet.

2 Petsounds

Probably the sweetest person I've met in general.

3 Dreamformusic

She truly is a sweetheart and says some of the nicest things.

4 Keyson
5 Kiteretsunu
6 PositronWildhawk

One of the easiest friends to make and very sweet indeed.

7 GarytheSnail

Oh I meant to click on reply. Thanks Happyhappyjoyjoy, you are a great user too. And I love that song you're named after!

Definitely the sweetest user here! He's so kind and he's such a caring person!

Sorry if I got the caps wrong, but this certainly is a very kind user

8 Ananya
9 CityGuru

One of my best friends here, but is he still a regular member of the site? I've been gone for awhile

10 UltraLunalaX

Thank You so much for your kind compliment Userguy44. You are a very sweet and kind hearted person as well.

Many people here seem to think I am really nice, kind hearted and friendly and I appreciate it.

She's a kind hearted person and great friend to have. I mean she literally made a list about being a good friend. She's one of those users to perfectly combine personality and content. Not many are capable of doing that

The Contenders
11 Ajkloth

With some nice lists and nice conversation.

12 Tiffgirl

She was a good friend of mine well hearted too.

13 happyhappyjoyjoy

I can honestly say that she's one of the nicest people I've met.

One of the sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet.

You deserve it. Simply for making this list.

14 Sevenlizards

Some say I'm kinda crazy for liking him but I don't care what anyone else thinks! He was really nice when I talked with him.

15 Marella

I message her every now and then and she's very much like a second Britgirl. If you don't believe me, you should message her, she's really sweet

16 EvilAngel
17 Faithangel
18 Puga
19 CartoonsGirl

She is the sweetest top ten user, I've ever meant!

She os very sweet.

20 BlueDiamondFromNowhere
21 ForeverSmiling13
22 Lina1028

If you haven't messaged this amazing girl, I reccomend doing so, She always has something that can brighten your day. I really can't think of anything negative about her.

23 Goku02
24 DoroExploro13
25 FlareLightX
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