Top Ten TheTopTens User Who Will Be Remembered As a Legendary Toptenner

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1 PositronWildhawk

He is My favourite User Because He Is A Very funny TopTenner, and was one of my first followers!

His List are all of Sense of humor and the increasing of his followers will never decrease.

Most defiantly he and Britgirl.

2 Britgirl

All of these members on here are brilliant members, but Britgirl and Positron have definitely been huge on this website in the last year, socially and also with their lists remixes and comments. I've been a member on this site for a few years now, and I hadn't heard of them when I joined, I'm not sure if they were members yet, but then they came along and automatically overtook me in the popularity haha :) and so they deserve. They're both great members. DO NOT leave the site you two

Definitely the most loved top tenner. Her legend will live forever. Great list, kormo!

All the Toptenners will remember her funny written comments and jokes forever.

He has 1600 lists in the movies category!

3 Htoutlaws2012

Just remember I didn't do this to get famous I did this cause it's my new hobby.

One of the best users of all time. Always has good content and is a great person to message

The most legendary user of all time.

4 Alexandr
5 egnomac

Anime and WWE lists of him is the best example how he can be remembered

6 MatrixGuy

He has the most lists and the most user points.

7 Kiteretsunu

Everyone will remember this young Physics genius.

8 WWEWBMortalKombatFan
9 keyson
10 Garythesnail
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11 Therandom
12 EvanTheNerd
13 Subashsahu
14 EvilAngel
15 EpicJake

I have at least 1,000 comments, at least 100 lists and at least 150 remixes! So I'm getting there.

16 CartoonsGirl

In a place in my heart, she will always be legendary...

17 Ajkolth
18 Turkeyasylum

I think I've already reached 1000 comments, so I'm getting there.

19 Yellowshadow

He is one of my favorite users on this site.

20 BobbyTheBrony
21 Puga

This list existed without mentioning the chief? I can't believe I have to add him. We talk about legendary TopTenners right?
I think Infinity War says enough to mention him here. He got rid of all these hypersensitive gen 18 users and nobody will ever match that.

He will be missed. Gone but never forgotten

22 girlcool
23 TopTenJackson
24 PrinceZarbon
25 ModernSpongeBobSucks
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