Top Ten TheTopTens Users Who Joined in 2017

It was my account's second anniversary yesterday on January 8th, as I joined in 2017, so I thought doing this list would be fitting for now, even though I may be one day late, but eh. So this list will only contain users from the second half of Gen-17 and users from the first half of Gen-18, so without further ado, let's start!
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1 Randomator

Sports + mario fan, and certianly excellent content. Very nice and calm and makes some very good posts like his excellent Randomator Rants series. I really love his mario-related lists and his sports lists are quite unique too if I do say so myself

Very good user.

2 isaaonrtdmtr

Adam is still one of my favourite users in the site, and will most likely be so for a very long time. What I really like about him is that he does research and always comes up with good points in arguments and they all seem very believable and he is very sensible as well, pherhaps one of the most sensible of all time on here. He is easly my number #1 pick

3 SpectralOwl

Overall a pretty decent user. Some of his lists were pretty awesome and he has a pretty awesome profile picture. Overall I think he's pretty good as a Gen-18 user. He's also one of the few Gen-18 users who didn't retire due to the infinity war

4 PeeledBanana

He is a pretty good user. I really liked him during the Gen-18 days as he was one of the best users back then and made some pretty good lists and content overall. Good user

5 Gangem

He doesn't do much here anymore, but overall he is quite nice anyway and did some pretty cool lists. He's certainly an improved user as well in my opinion. Very fun to message and talk to. Really good user

6 darthvadern

I don't want to sound arrogant, but you probably knew it since I always state it whenever I talk about myself, but overall I feel like I have improved a lot since the Gen-17 days. My Zootopia bashing was just overly annoying, but since the beggining of the Gen-18 days I have taken a more critic-like turn, and that was in 2018 as well, let's see how 2019 will be

7 445956

A very overhated user, for reasons. But overall he is highly misunderstood and the thing is people were juts way too harsh on him. If people had been nicer on him then surely I do believe 2018 could've taken another turn involving TheTopTens. I like him a lot

8 Phillip873

He has seemingly disappeared but he's still a very good user nevertheless! He made excellent lists that were very fun to look at, and his taste in movies was great. He's also a very nice user

10 PerfectImpulseX
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11 Kevinsidis

It was less than a couple of days before new years. It was 12/30/17 at night.

12 IceFoxPlayz
13 Trollsfan536
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