Best TopTenners of 2018

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1 htoutlaws2012

Htoutlaws2012 is a really good user. He makes good remixes and is a kind user. I am glad htoutlaws2012 is #1.

Aka remix guy

He's Been The Best Since

2 TwilightKitsune
3 Puga

He is great!

4 iliekpiez
5 NuMetalManiak
6 darthvadern

This guy made a serious improvement recently.

7 ModernSpongeBobSucks

Great dude

8 DCfnaf
9 B1ueNew

Yeah he’s a great user!

10 PackFan2005
The Contenders
11 Metal_Treasure

Wow! I feel bad for Metal_Treasure! He's put so much time and effort in this website! Why is he 22nd?

How is he not #1?

Great one

12 SpectralOwl
13 MegaSoulhero
14 isaaonrtdmtr

Definitely my favourite so far

15 Cyri
16 phillysports
17 Aragorn98
18 PositronWildhawk
19 445956


20 Not_A_Weeaboo
21 Randomator

I’m at #6? Thanks for putting me here

22 Britgirl

I thought she was the best.

23 DarkBoi-X

Him and Not a Weeaboo aren't on the list, I'm disappointed

24 Phillip873

Hey guys I promise I will try to be more active and make more posts/reviews. It's just that I'm incredibly busy with school and am losing motivation to do stuff at the moment.

25 AnimeDrawer
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