Best TopTenners of 2019

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1 htoutlaws2012

He deserves to be first to be honest.
Edit: Yay we did it!


2 Userguy44

How did I come in the top 3? I really appreciate it!

3 Metal_Treasure

Happy New 2019! And many thanks for appreciating my work and putting me high on your remixes and this list! I'm hoping for a great and fruitful 2019! - Metal_Treasure

4 Misfire
5 darthvadern

Thanks! I surely deserve this spot (not to be arrogant)

6 Randomator
7 NuMetalManiak
8 egnomac
9 RadioHead03

He should be a lot higher.

10 Camaro6
The Contenders
11 FlareLightX
12 PositronWildhawk
13 Britgirl
14 Thebestuser
15 christangrant
16 DarkBoi-X
17 NickelodeonYesAddminNo
18 2storm
19 xandermartin98
20 RoseWeasley
21 RogerMcBaloney
22 Limeyy
23 anthonybecerra831
24 Ananya
25 B1ueNew

Hope you come back soon, buddy. You don't deserve it at all -TheDarkOne_221b

Don't worry guys. I will be back at the end of March this year Hopefully. - B1ueNew

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