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Oh, but htoutlaws you do realize this is too early to make this list right? Why of course. You know why I'm the one to do it? Because we all know somebody else will instead have no thoughts of a prediction for the year itself that has officially started across the planet. So how about I enlist a list of users who are expected a big 2021 year shall we? Eventually in a 365 day span this will look more accurately presented.
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1 Sloth21

Woah woah woah how is he 8th? He has had 11 featured lists in less than three weeks of the first month, the second most being three or four or something. He's made more than one list a day, added tons of comments, and so much more! He's great to message too!

Easily number one for me, this website has been blessed with his quality content, which was much needed given how boring this website was.

Nice to find myself here. I do think I deserve a bit higher than I am right now, though

He's a legend. He already have more than 25 featured list!

2 NuMetalManiak

Well seeing she got nothing at the award show, I'm sure NMM is gonna go on a revenge tour. Already creating plans as we speak. We should expect nothing less but the best we see from the longtime veteran still going strong today.

3 RogerMcBaloney

I love Roger's content. The rate at which he posts new lists is consistent and he clearly puts great effort into it.

4 HaiThere

Like I said some of the greatest minds on this site our indeed Christian users. HaiThere made his presence known how very creative and original a user can be if they could think outside the box. Granted his username is a given greeting. Still I expect big things from a man in his prime age to really excel even more so than prior.

He's a very nice and creative user, looking forward to seeing what he does in 2021.

A very good user.

5 htoutlaws2012

What's a TopTens best user list without ht. The most consistent user of all-time and has become a Godfather like figure.

6 egnomac

egnomac worked incredibly hard from start to end. His work was most seen in the 2nd half of the stretch he was by far the most consistent of all. He will be very fueled at being highly snubbed at not racking up a final nom other than his deserved blog post win. Egnomac will likely also be on a revenge tour as he looks to not being slowing down anytime soon. In fact he is getting better like fine wine as he ages.

7 Dark_Shadow

While an ugly end to what was a great 1st year run for Dark_Shadow. Let me assure you that he will move on from that experience, and he will continue to progress even further in his 2nd year. This is a generational talent that doesn't come very often.

8 Powell

One of the best users last year, by his comments and our interactions I can tell he's a smart fellow (or maybe it's just the profile picture?)

I'm telling you guys Powell is so underrated and I think he could take another leap in 2021.

9 2storm
10 UltraLunalaX

The more the years go by, I start to see a well reformed more matured mindset kind hearted hardworking individual she has been the last two and a half years. What is more impressive is the time and effort committed has been rather wowsome (not a word whatever). She definitely leads that female pack at the top, if there is friendly competition that rises there game up though. It will be rather something to watch for.

Happy new year guys and thanks for already adding me even though it's a little too early. :)
Hopefully this year will be so much better than 2020 and I am looking forward to having another good year.

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11 Leafeon

I might be jumping the gun putting the best acclaimed list maker 4th here, but with the results I saw I see a guy who was snubbed for most improved as well. He returned better than ever in my view. While he has questioned if will take time which he very well could be the case. If we see Leafeon back he will give it his all as we have seen from before.

By far the best list maker in 2020, many of his lists are creative.

Very cool lad.

12 Randomator

Coming off a great 2020 year were not sure of Randomator the time he can manage. We can say he will still be here as long as the sports community keep on growing. Still he is in a transition of his own. Graduating high school. Hey at least you got Chiefs win a super bowl, and maybe another one too. I'm sure he is going to remind us why he is one of the best today.

13 Pnut

Hey what do you think of his hosting guys (audience applause) Yeah! You know what I like about this guy is that he tries even if somethings don't slide by. Pnut is very determined, and I like that we need to see more of that in our active community of today. He will certainly build off that momentum shift as a great host that he was.

14 LiamCoasterFan
15 BlueTelegraph
16 Eclipsmon

I do believe Eclipsmon has the talent to really catch the eye of the community, but the problem is he doesn't always have the chance to stay consistent as has been on and off last year. Maybe he could be fueled by what I say, and perhaps that motivates himself moving forward many would hope to see more of a somewhat rather overlooked user.

17 The21PanicFan
18 darthvadern
19 Rhea_da_second
20 THC13
21 FlareLightX
22 DrayTopTens

He's a great user.

23 TheFriendlyMex

I think we will see some huge jumps from TheFriendlyMex in terms of consistency.

24 Kevinsidis

Keov has vowed to have an even better year than the previous one. Putting high expectations as an oath how very admirable in your pride. The now very improved minded Keov looks to build off that success and expand to an even more successful foundation.

He has potential

25 TheGoodGuy35
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