Top 10 Best TheTopTens Users of 2020

These are The Best Users of 2020. And All Of These Users Whether You Like or Hate Them are Still Good in One Way or Another. Please, Feel Free to Remix and Add More.
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1 htoutlaws2012

We are already halfway through 2020 and so far, htoutlaws2012 has been doing great as the outstanding remix king he has always been.

First to 1000 followers and very hardworking. Sorry Thebestuser but htoutlaws is still the GOAT of TheTopTens

Our remix king who has helped so many people should easily be number one.

Yeah he does deserve the top spot. Remained great as the years fly by.

2 Randomator

He's probably the user that has been the most active recently. Makes great lists and I like this guy.

REALLY Underrated. Deserves More Attention.

I think he should be second

He should be a lot higher.

3 2storm

Hardworking user. Number 8 is a fine spot for him although I see why people would think he should be higher on the list.

This is has been his best year in terms of really working so hard, and yet he is down the list. Boost him back up.

Very hardworking user who should be a lot higher

Great posts recently.

4 egnomac

I feel he is the one of the only few users who put content for the sake of putting out content, instead of pursuing fame.

He’s a veteran user who’s hardworking and should be a lot higher

5 darthvadern

A very dedicated user who always makes good content

Just a overall great user. One of the best users.

Makes great stuff and is nice to talk to.

Has been doing a lot of HQ stuff lately.

6 NuMetalManiak
7 FlareLightX

He is overall a very nice and fun guy to message. His content is fun to read as well. Not surprising that he’s universally liked because he can have a great conversation with everyone and he tries to improve with his content. Imagine not liking him

One of the best users that I know.

Very nice person to talk to.

So far he’s had a pretty good year

8 Dark_Shadow

The guy is underrated. I know he just started this year but I have high hopes for him.

9 Thebestuser

Oh shoot, I forgot thebestuser exists, he deserves first.

Finally a list that makes sense.

Pretty funny guy who got Userguy44 unsuspended. Pretty cool guy. He will be missed.

Username says it all.

10 UltraLunalaX

Last place? Her content is getting better over time since she started making high quality lists besides making high quality remixes. She should be in the top 10 in my opinion

She should be a lot higher than #52.

The Contenders
11 Powell

#27? He should be higher on this list.

12 Leafeon
13 Britgirl
14 Userguy44

He has remained a very cool guy all the way through. I like all the stuff he makes.

Overall one of the best users and one of the few left standing from Gen 18

So far I have had a decent year I guess, not too much anticipation.

Why isn't he any higher?

15 Kevinsidis

Proud controversial man.

Improved in both personality and content, at least that’s how I see it. He has some seriously high quality lists

16 HaiThere

He's a pretty decent pro-Trump supporter, even when I disagree with him on most issues, and is even more respectful than most centrists.

The fact that he wasn't on the list already disgusts me. Should at least be in the Top 10

Very good and creative user

The fact that he wasn't submitted yet doesn't disgust me. What DOES is he's gonna land right behind the most butthurt neutral TopTenner I've ever seen.

17 BorisRule
18 RoseWeasley

Funny nice user.

Thanks :D - RoseWeasley

19 NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Yeah, he is a cool guy. Also pretty good content.

He made good lists recently.

Cool as well

He’s getting better and better

20 CrypticMemory

Such a hilarious guy.

Aww thanks guys :)

21 EvanTheNerd

Okay, why did I have to submit him? While I, unfortunately, agree with htoutlaws2012 that EvanTheNerd had an overlooked year, by most, he got 300 followers, an overdue featured list, and is always making lists and posts. He had a great year.

22 SamanthaRosie

An emerging Gen-20 user.

23 Bammer73

Very hardworking newcomer who has plenty of potential

Makes good content and works hard

Wow thanks guys for almost top 10 already! I can see I'm slowly but surely improving.

24 RiverVibeZ

Kat this may be your best account yet.

25 CrimsonShark
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