Top Ten Worst Things About the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys"

Wow. Just wow. As a 20-year boy, I find this list VERY OFFENSIVE. So here are my reasons why I hate this list. Here we go!
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1 It's 100% sexist

It is definitely sexist. Here is what I hate about girls being sexist to boys, they think that it's okay for them to do it but not the other way round! First of all, you shouldn't be sexist to begin with. Secondly, it is still just as sexist for girls to insult men.

I hate it when people think that it's okay for girls to be sexist to boys but when boys do it girls then someone will DIAL 911 (sarcasm)! Both genders are equal and you shouldn't be sexist anyway!

Face it: If someone made a list about "Top ten reasons to hate girls", it would be removed immediately for "sexism".

Damn your double standards.

I am not male but I certainly see why that list is offensive. It shouldn't have been approved. In fact, how WAS it approved?

It says we boys are ugly, annoying, farting crybabies. If THAT ain't sexist, then I don't know what IS.

2 It says boys think they rule TheTopTens

Really, just really? This site is 100% gender-neutral, girls have just as much rights on it as boys do.

The most famous user is britgirl which is a girl.

This is 100% false.

No they don't! Girls think they rule it just like boys do. (I speak from personal experience, as I am a girl myself.)

3 It says boys like stupid shows

Well guess what? So do girls. Haven't you noticed EVERY SHOW can be considered crappy or awful? And don't think us guys only like shows like Sanjay and Craig or Fanboy and Chum. I hate BOTH those shows with a fiery vengeance. Yet I love Liv and Maddie, which people THINK is a girls' show, but can be enjoyed by boys too. SO THERE. Stupidity is not something that's gender-coded.

Who even cares about what shows people like? A boy can be in love with The Bachelor, and a girl can be obsessed with Mountain Men. Sure, both of them will have unpopular opinions, but they still have their rights to like their shows.

Why the list is sexist: it stereotypes boys and criticizes boys. Lemme tell you this: BOTH GENDERS HAVE THEIR FLAWS.

Not all boys like Sanjay and Craig and Fanboy and Chum Chum! They can like MLP!

What does the creator know about boys?

4 It says they think they are the best at everything

Well I can do loads of things such as make my own song in 10 minutes but this still is a stupid reason! NOBODY is the best at everything.

I feel like the worst at LOTS OF THINGS. Including the worst at stuff like what shows I like. Don't think we're 100% haughty.

Jeez. I suck at skateboarding, and I'm good at cooking. Oh, the girl who made that list thinks it's vice versa?

I suck at mostly everything and I'm a guy.

5 It says they don't mind getting dirty

Ugh. Boys often like being clean, too! And so what if they don't mind dirt? Girls can get really filthy, too! I speak from obvious experience.

At least we don't cry when there is one speck of dirt on our clothes while girls just cry a river with just one little piece of dirt.

So you're calling us dirty slobs? I'll have you know I shower at least twice a day. Yes, TWICE! We aren't pigs that roll in mud.

I always wear clean clothes everyday and try not to wear the same shirt and pants each week. But I do not mind getting dirty though

6 Boys and girls should all be equal
7 It says they insult girls

I'm a Girl, and boys don't insult girls. They tease. Girls just mature faster, and to the looks of it the girl who made the list "Reasons to hate boys" is some how probably a nine-year old, because from where I'm from, I don't know ANY girls who hate boys that are my age.

That's not true because I have girl cousins that tease Boys at there school.

Oh the irony of this item when she insulted boys with that whole list.

That proves that feminist (Creator of the list) is hypocrite.

8 It says they are crybabies

Once again, I am Female and to be fair, When I see a scary movie, I'm ALWAYS the one who cries first and my cousin (Who's a boy) doesn't cry at all!

Sure I'm afraid of spiders but I don't scream and wait for someone to kill it.

Seriously, how old was the person who made this list?

I never actually cry. Nothing bad really happens to me. Whenever someone's mean to me (which happens a lot because I'm an Emo) I just get revenge or be mean back. Guess I'm kinda fortunate.


9 Not all boys insult girls

I wouldn't have a girlfriend if I insulted girls!

You mean not all preschool boys insult girls and not awesome 6th grade boys

10 Not all boys are ugly

Agreed, actually most of the time when I go out to eat ETC. Girl waitresses, especially at Asian food places, love me and think I am handsome although I hate having spotlights on me like that ( by the way only 11 )

Exactly. Whoever made that list needs to stop being sexist.

As a girl I can testify to this...

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11 More people disagree with the list than agree with it

That's actually a good thing.

12 One of the reasons is they pee standing up
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