Top Ten Worst Weirdest and Stupidest Names for New TheTopTens Users

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1 ILOVESpongeBob
2 TheWeirdStupidUser

Sounds like my brother, and he would actually put this as his username.

Who would ever read this guy's lists?

Okay I have the worst name.

It is a good weird name

3 JustinBieber

If I were this person, I wouldn't have the balls to make an actual list. Maybe they were going to say he sucked but accidentally pressed the enter button. Either way they should probably just make a new account.

Why does everybody make fun of JB? The poor woman can only take so many insults.

Justin Beiber: Everyone, stop making fun of her!

He wouldn't come on. He would leave or get killed

4 GooPie8
5 RandomGuyWhoIsAUser

This would be the stupidest name ever.

6 ChrisBrownIsAnAssClown

The funniest username I've ever seen in this site.

7 GamerOnForever527
8 NickiMinajRocks

Who would want this? Nicki Minaj sucks!

9 CaillouYes_GoldenRocketNo

Get the reference to another user?

This better not happen.

10 FlyingUp3
The Contenders
11 2BrokeGirlsYes_PositronWildhawkNo
12 Hitlerismyhero

Who would do this? More importantly, why?

That would be attacked anywhere.

... What kind of person would use this?

What idiot wants this name?

13 BreadwinnersYes_TurkeyasylumNo
14 ArthurYes_SevenLizardsNOO
15 ChrisBrownRocks
16 PizzaGuy

Poor Pizzaguy who put his username on the list.

I feel so offended now.

Oh come on, it's not a bad name!

This is a good name

17 EpicJake

There is nothing wrong with this name. It's cool and unique. Way better than some of the other listed.

There's nothing wrong with his user name. I think it's pretty cool.

What's wrong with EpicJake? I think it's a good username.

Is this is an remake of worst users or what?

18 DorkDiariesYesFairlyOddParentsNo
19 DoraIsAwesome

Seriously, would that be a 3 year old playing on this site?

20 HairInACanYes_AirNo
21 TheLazy10
22 Beilieber

Wrong site, darling! No Beliebers here.

23 hitler-is-still-out-there-and-im-him

Yes, so really creative, everyone would want this username, but it's weird that no one got it yet. Really!?

25 JustinBebierrules10957636588783858737588695%

How would you even remember the numbers in the username?

No just no he sucks!

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