Best Torchwood Characters

Which of the BBC television series 'Torchwood' is the best character?

The Top Ten

1 Captain Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness

The man can never die! That is cool.

The best

2 Owen Harper

He spends quite a lot of the time as a dead man walking, which makes for an interesting character.

Too bad he was not in season 3 and 4

3 Toshiko Sato

Beautiful, quiet, clever... And with a tragic crush.

4 Gwen Cooper

With no discernible skill, Gwen exists really only to offer moral support...

5 Ianto Jones

The guy's funny, just not as interesting to me as the others.

6 Esther Drummond

Clever, resolute, down to earth.

7 Rhys Williams

Dopey, but somewhat sweet.

8 Rex Matheson
9 Jilly Kitzinger

She may be selfish, but her style and confidence make her cool regardless.

10 Vera Juarez

The Contenders

11 Oswald Danes

Such an interesting character, so deep and so twisted.

12 Captain John Hart

John needs to be higher here. He's an amazing character who adds a lot to Jack's history. Plus, he's handsome and hilarious.

How can you not like John. Cute, funny, flirty, and just great. Love him!

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1. Gwen Cooper
2. Owen Harper
3. Captain Jack Harkness
1. Toshiko Sato
2. Owen Harper
3. Gwen Cooper


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