Torture Films for Beginners

A list of films within the horror sub-genre of "Torture Porn" that I believe are good for introducing someone to the genre.

The Top Ten

1 Saw

Not that I'm into slasher / torture films, but I found this as more of a gritty, gripping psychological thriller rather than horror. The first Saw film is the best. The ending really surprised me. The sequels lacked sharpness; the blades were blunt and rusty; therefore pointless and should be thrown out for scrap metal. - Britgirl

An entertaining, fun little movie with little-to-no torture at all, almost a psychological horror instead! - DylanRob

Can someone link me to some hurtcore (child) porn?

2 Audition

Focuses more on suspense and psychological terror than violence. - DylanRob

3 The Human Centipede

The first installment is not only doesn't feature that much graphic content but I myself found it to be incredibly entertaining and fun to watch! - DylanRob

Stfu Please - VideoGamefan5

4 The Last House on the Left (1972)

Graphic content, but otherwise it's more of a crime drama. - DylanRob

5 Hostel

The first film is still pretty gnarly but relies more on atmosphere than the others. - DylanRob

6 Martyrs

Very psychological. Also a film guaranteed to keep you on edge! Very fun little watch. - DylanRob

7 Hellraiser (1987)

For those looking for atmosphere and something more supernatural. - DylanRob

8 Bad Taste

This movie had a $11,000 budget, which is not a lot for a movie, and its one of my favourite movies. A CRAP TON OF GORE, and a little bit of torture. - Jackinabox

The oddest film on the list. For those looking for a gory comedy. Pretty lighthearted. Has only one torture scene, but there's still plenty of gore to make up for it. - DylanRob

9 Cannibal Holocaust

If you have a strong stomach and are looking to see one of the films that would originally go on to lay the foundations of the 'Torture Porn' genre and one of the first real content controversies, this film is for you! - DylanRob

10 The Wizard of Gore

The first torture porn film I think in existence. - DylanRob

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