Top 10 Torture Methods


The Top Ten

1 Saw Torture

When they hang you upside down naked and saw you in half. - SapphireGrim

2 Breast Ripper

I'm not going to explain this one. - SapphireGrim

That's when you rip or cut off woman's breast. (Do not read this)

3 Iron Maiden
4 Tongue Tearer
5 Pear of Anguish
6 Heretic's Fork
7 Neck Torture
8 Breaking Wheel
9 Knee Splitter
10 The Rack

The Contenders

11 Rat Torture

A clever and painful torture method. A cage filled with live rats is strapped to a person's body with the open side facing down. An object is put at the other end of the cage which is then heated up. In an attempt to escape the heat, the rats begin borrowing through the person's flesh.
It's almost sad that all of these creative, clever methods no longer exist. I kind of see it as a form of art. - Catlover2004

12 Coffin Torture
13 Judas Cradle

A rusted infected spike that you are slowly lowered onto from your sphincter to which it will either rip you open or it will kill you from infection, have fun with this one.

14 Brazen Bull
15 Cement Shoes
16 Hot Iron Branding
17 White Room

Absolute silence, you see nothing but white - DubstepLover

18 Blood Eagle
19 Head Crusher
20 Flaying
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