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1 Duncan

He's so cool like me

This guy is beast! On every total drama list I've seen he is number 1, so lets keep it that way.

This guy gets every girl. But I don't blame him. He lures girls in because of being awesome.

I am not in the majority opinion of loving duncan, I don't hate him, but I was not rooting for him and was upset each time he barely escaped getting voted off.

2 Heather

Heather should be lower. During this season she got ruined. Kissing Duncan, becoming bald, trying to cut Courtney's hair, and becoming friends with Leshawna. THAT IS NOT THE WAY HEATHER SHOULD BE.

I love Heather! She was bald, yet still the sexiest and hottest girl on that season. Take that Heather haters.

Heather was not so bad I guess

She is the smartest and hottest camper, by far sh shoul be number one - LAL22

3 Courtney

Why did the writers make Courtney look like a bad person. What happened to her in island.

Even though Courtney can be aggressive, she is still an independent, strong, and intelligent girl. To be honest, I rather she dated Scott than Duncan, cause Scott will not cheat on her.

She beat up 3 sharks, owned Duncan, destroyed a hotel room set, and is known to do the impossible.

Courtney is awesome! I loved how she came back and she was great in the caveman episode. Courtney and Duncan forever

4 Owen

Owen was great in TDI. Then started sabotaging the campers. That's cold. Owen needs to be lower

This season shows that he's not as much of a mister nice guy as people say he is.

5 Trent

Trent needs more screen time in my opinion. He is the most caring guy on the show and he shouldn't of been booted out because of what some chick says in Total Drama Action. TRENT ROCKS!

Trent is the best. I love hearing him sing, and his nine obsession is way funny. He shouldn't have been eliminated so early, he was being a good boyfriend to Gwen and got dumped for it. It's really sucky, Gwen doesn't deserve Trent. He deserves someone who loves him just as much as he loves them. Go Trent! Team Trent forever.

He is so sweet and caring! =D

I don't know what you people see in him I am on team gwen TRENT IS OVERRATED

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6 Bridgette Bridgette

Geoff and Bridgette were the first people kicked off on Action, and that's how the Aftermath was created - Gehenna

Bridgette is the best surfer ever! I love her attitude, the way she is so down to Earth and natural, and her relationship with Geoff is really perfect. I hated to see her go so early, I don't think kissing your boyfriend should get you eliminated so early.

Bridgette is the best out of all the campers. She is chill. She is cool and she is my favorite character and she is the best that is all

Bridgette is Queen

7 Harold

Harold deserves to be on this list. I support him 'cause I can relate to him, especially since I was mistreated for being a nerd by more than one bully in school. And so, I'm glad that he punched the crap outta Duncan. It serves that delinquent right for all that he gave him.

Best character by far in the series as a whole.

His killer right hook knocked out Duncan and saved everyone in the dister movie

8 Lindsay

She really deserved to win this season! Shoe got so close to the end and she completely deserved to win!

Lindsay is a bit of smart the whole season of TDA it was because of beth because she got eliminated

In TDI she was Heather's toy but in TDA she became more funny than dumb. She should be higher.

Lindsay should've won TDA! Beth distracted her, but I don't blame Beth, it's Courtney's fault

9 Gwen

People are all mad saying Gwen broke Trent's heart. Trent was the one that pushed Gwen away, plus you could tell she liked Duncan a lot more than she did Trent. Gwen was the best competitor in TDA, and by far the coolest. Yes, she could have went about things a different way, but her relationship is her business and she did what she felt was right in her heart.

That girl is amazing! Go goth!

Gwen does lose some of my respect when she breaks Trent's heart and dumps the poor guy. He was a stud. But nonetheless she's still my favorite character in TDA.

I hate you Gwen

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10 DJ

I love when he was using his mama spice to make the nasty food taste good! I want to see more of him with his pet bunny. They are cute together.

I loved how when DJ made the food it went from disgusting to a gourmet dish!

DJ and Bunny are so adorable!


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11 Geoff
12 Izzy
13 Cody

Even though he never challenged in total drama action, I think that cody is amazing. I don't see how cody has feelings for Gwen, though. She's never nice to him. Not that I hate her. Gwen's nice, but I think that she likes either Duncan or Trent more than cody. I wish that he was the contestant on total drama action and won the money. - ashdash2639

14 Justin

I found him a good antagonist especially since he relied on his looks in season one.

He is great he is really handsome, and the show would not bee so good without him. He also has a very good strategy. He is very charming, and he made it really far he got 6th place. He also nows how to play the game

Justin was adorable crushing on Courtney in "the Princess Pride". It shows that he can feel something for someone other than himself. He's really good looking and yummy!

Justin had a bigger role in this season, which I like. He's fun to watch and it's cute how all the guys drool all over him. I like his hair as well, he really is a nice looking fellow.

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15 LeShawna LeShawna

Gotta love Leshawna's dance moves.

she is the bomb because she kills heather
GO LeShawna

Leshawna is big, beautiful, and bootylicious! You go girl, you made TDA worth while.

I hate leshawna she is a jerk and a physco she should have left first

16 Tyler
17 Beth

Get her higher on the list!

I loved Beth in this season! She is so cute with her braces off!

Beth is really nice

18 Katie

Katie was so adorable, fun, and girly. I love the way she is boy crazy, while Sierra is straight up crazy.

19 Alejandro

Come on, he's hot and he would've been on TDA if it wasn't for Chris who had put him on Total Drama Dirtbags (a show that never aired on national television) He is tall, handsome and smart. He and Heather are the perfect couple!

20 Sadie
21 Eva

Ever deserved more recognition in this than she actually got. I'm tired of seeing her sit sideline. Let her compete in another season already!

Ever is my favorite <3.

22 Tracy
23 Ryan
24 Sierra

I knew Sierra was going to be the best Total Drama character ever the first time I saw her.

25 Dawn

Dawn makes everything better.

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