Best Total Drama All Stars Campers

The Top Ten

1 Mike

Best is always best

Best virus protection and awesome performance

Mike is my favorite person on total drama all stars ever

This is the worlds best anti virus at this time

2 Duncan

He loses his mind and his all around a good character

So cool he sould be #1

3 Courtney

Up until Episode 11, she was fantastic! Never gives up and her friendship with Gwen was great!

Duncan couldn't even handle her. She killed two sharks. She stole a hot air balloon. And she won most TDA challenges by herself. Think about that.

Don't forget her fantastic singing voice!

4 Zoey

Zoey should of one she is tough strong brave fast and smart. she is loyal to all friends. Courtney sucks everyone hates her.

She won HALF of all the challenges, more than half if you count her finale ending. She played great!

I almost didn't like zoey because Mike/Mal sabotaged all the challenges so she would win.

Zoey played so well this season. I wish she would've won.

5 Scott
6 Gwen

Gwen became a better person after what she did to Courtney, and my respect for her was regained.

I gained a lot of respect, too! She's persistent, honest, and loyal to her friends.

7 Heather

She gets better and better the more shes on the show

8 Trent

Should have been here

He belongs here.

But he didn't compete in all stars though

9 Alejandro

I hate alejandro I think he should go home early

Best at challenges and mal didn't do it alone... Zeoy

10 Sierra

Sierra is awesome! Too bad Cody isn't on the show :(

I love Sierra! She's my favorite character! Too bad she gets too much hate:(

The Contenders

11 Lightning

Lighting is so arrogant and conceited, yet loveable and funny at the same time. He's a really good competitor, and you can't help but love him. He is definitely sha-awesome!

12 Lindsay

Lindsay should've made further

Ok look, get over it, Lindsay is certainly one of my favorites, but in an All Star season, someone that you love is gonna go early.

No she turned into Dora this season
Her IQ makes her ask stupid questions unlike the funny ones in the earlier seasons, it sucked so much she was unfunny in that season she should have stayed longer if her stupidity wasn’t incredibly low. I’m sad she was ruined

13 Jo

Or watching food fright I already miss her so

*watching Obsta-Kill Kourse* I miss her so!

14 Cameron
15 Eva

Ever is my favorite! She deserves to win, as hard as she works.

Shes not an all star though

16 Sam

Sam was the best! I wish he would have won and used the money to turn Dakota back into a human.

Who's the imbecile below?

I like because I use it with comfotable

17 DJ

He should have been in All stars. He deserved to be there over some of the others.

But he's not an all star though

18 Mal
19 Ellody

Ellody is an All star.

20 Jasmine

She should have been here!

21 Lorenzo

He deserves to be an all star.

22 Ezekiel

His cameo was hilarious.

Freak-zekial - Rathernotbenamed

23 Geoff

He deserved to be here.

24 Ella

Ella is an all star in my book.

25 Miles

She deserves to be an all star.

26 Noah

He is definitely All Star worthy.

27 Leonard
28 Laurie

Laurie deserves to be an all star as well.

Laurie is from the ridonculous race and her team placed 15th. No! Just no!

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