Top Ten Best Total Drama Campers

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1 Duncan

He was second most strategic and should of one first and second season but was unfairly voted of.

HE'S SO cool (Yes, I say it like that, AND WHAT?! )

Only the best. He is smart. Kind. Strong. Did I say he went to juvvie. That's what I call hot

Ducan is cool and chill he's been in nearly every season and I'm sorry that courtney and Gwen didn't liked him anymore because he liked both Of them so they hated him cause he anoyed
Poor Duncan :(

2 Heather

She is hands down the best character to ever play Total Drama. She always seems to know exactly what she's doing.

Heather, my opinion people, was the best camper out of everyone. Even though she was mean, she knew what to do and kept her eye on the prize. Also, the show itself would not have been Total DRAMA Island of she wasnt rhere since she practically caused almost all of the DRAMA! Her evil ways made the show interesting and she did have soft sides too, so she isn't a total monster. Also... Aleheather is the best shipping ever! - kurai803

3 Owen

He's not the best camper, but he's the funniest camper.

4 Mike

He's awesome, and some say his weird but my opinion is that he's awesome
P. S: I really miss his alternate personalities :(.

For real mike is cool some might say he's a bit weird but he's awesome
P. S: I miss his alternate personalities

5 Alejandro

Alejandro is the best! He's good looking, sneaky, manipulative but likeable, he's a good antagonist and a good competitor!

6 Courtney

Courtney is amazing! She is a tough, beautiful, manipulative contestant. Not to mention smart and charming. I hope she wins a season, she's gotten this far mine as well make it to the top for once.

Courtney is the best

She's my favorite camper ever! :D

7 Zoey
8 Scott
9 Cameron

Who doesn't love a winner :)?

Sweet little Cameron! Aww

10 Cody

Cody is the best! He is the cutest geek ever.


The Contenders

11 DJ

He's nice, likes animals, he is friends with almost everyone and HE IS ONE OF THE BEST CAMPERS!

DJ is a joy! Mama spice and bunny rabbits!

Best. Camper. Ever. Loves. Animals. Softie. Strong. :).

12 Tyler

...I don't know why I like him so much...

He is hilarious and NEEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME!

13 Dawn

UNFAIR ELIMINATION! She is cool, really

I really liked dawn. Freaky and ugh... Quirky. But she should have lasted longer

14 Gwen

I like gwen and duncan togetheir

15 Geoff

Geoff made the show. I love this party dude! He is awesome!


16 Ezekiel

He is funny. In TDWT it was funny when he interrunpted the song...hehehe...

17 B


18 Izzy
19 Noah

He doesn't get as much screentime, but I love him. He's always got this very deadpan, sarcastic attitude, and it's actually really funny.

20 Ella
21 Dave
22 Shawn

I have an interest in zombies too!

23 Jay
24 Lindsey


25 Sierra

Sierra is a perfect representation of us Total Drama FanGirls!

I am grateful that they added a character that most Total Drama fans can really relate too. Because us Total Drama fans are all Sierras inside! :P

26 Aiden

He won season 6

He is the best he won season 6

27 Carly
28 Beth
29 Staci
30 Harold
31 Samey Samey

Samey should be higher.

32 Sugar
33 Topher
34 Amy
35 Sadie
36 Katie
37 Ennui
38 Miles

Miles is an adorable gypsy vegan!

39 Taylor
40 Lightning
41 Thomas
42 Brick
43 Carrie

Carrie is a great friend, and a good competitor. She is definitely the best contestant on there!

44 Lorenzo
45 Sam
46 Kitty
47 Jasmine
48 Crimson
49 Beardo
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