Top Ten Total Drama Characters People Would Hate to See Die

Yeah this list is kinda dark. Please don't assume I want these characters to die. I just know everyone would hate to see something like that happen.

The Top Ten

1 Dawn

I know people would outrage and cry if they killed the moonchild off. - Darellfat

She's my favorite character :( - SansTheComic

2 Lindsay

Even if she's dumb, she's one of my favorite characters from Total Drama and I wouldn't want to see her die. - cosmo

Now who wants to see this little sweetie die? The sad thing about her death would be that she probably wouldn't know she died. - Darellfat

Lindsay will never die! She is too precious.

Don't you even think about it or alex kimble would rage

3 Courtney

Courtney is my all time favorite. I couldn't handle it if they actually killed off Courtney. - Darellfat

4 Sammy

Oh jeez, The cutting... that’s a problem.

Knowing that there's a fanficiton called "Dipper Goes To Taco Bell", a fanfiction about Sammy cutting herself doesn't surprise me. I personally think making Sammy cut herself is WAY worse than Dipper going to Taco Bell. - Turkeyasylum

Fanfiction has a thing with her cutting herself. I don't enjoy it. - Darellfat

5 Brick
6 Shawn
7 Noah

If Noah died, Total Drama would be cancelled because the whole series would officially be ruined. Noah has too strong of a fan base for them to ever kill him off, the creators would get fired from their own show.

The fanbase loves their Noah. - Darellfat

8 Jo
9 Cameron
10 Alejandro

The Contenders

11 Beardo
12 DJ
13 Cody

If Cody died, I would cry harder than Sierra!

14 Gwen
15 Owen
16 Dakota
17 Lightning
18 Leshawna Leshawna
19 Bridgette Bridgette

She is the best!
I would cry to see her die!

20 Mike

If he dies, I would never watch Total Drama again!

21 Zoey
22 Rodney
23 Max

He can't die before he has a chance to take over the world!

24 Ella

If Ella died I would have the show cancelled.

25 Trent

Of all the guys on the show, he would be the last person I would ever want to see die. I love Trent!

26 Ezekiel
27 Brody

The surfer BFF!

28 Emma

I would hate to see Emma die the most out of all the characters. She's my favorite, and it would be a strait up tragedy. I would feel really bad about it, and the show just wouldn't be the same.

29 Heather
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