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41 Christie

A girl version of Goeff. Enjoys parties and messing about. Is always happy

42 Ziggy

Nationality: Jamaican

Loosely based on Bob Marley complete with Jamaican accent. - egnomac

43 Neil

Nationality: American

A comic book devote who even dress up like a superhero and calls himself Super Neil. - egnomac

44 Ozzy

The ideal Australian guy. Can relate to Jasmine heaps. Is like a boy version of Jasmine

45 Ryan

Nationality: American

The show off loosely based on the Miz this guy always brags about how awesome he is and brags about all the trophy's he's won, he always takes all the credit for his teams wins and none for their loses. - egnomac

46 Barney

Nationality: America

Funny, does crazy things, is over-dramatic, based of Barney from How I Met your Mother.

47 Christina

Nationality- USA, Seattle, Washington
Christina is obsessed with all boys in the competition, and creates them crafts that are all koalas. Similar personality and looks to Lydia from 6teen.

48 Dylan

A big tough guy who likes messing about. Often gets in trouble by Chris for 'not making enough drama'

49 AJ
50 Rodney

From total drama battle grounds

51 Markus

A fat guy with an Owen like design. He is love able but is a backstabber and is rich. He will sometimes brag about the awards he's won.

52 Gandalf Gandalf

He goes around yelling. "Yer a wizard Harry!
-Inspired by Luke Skywaleer from Star Trek.

53 Tim

An evil guy a bit like Alejandro. Pretends to be nice but then cheats on people. Is determined to win and fights Geoff for Bridgette. Enemies: Geoff, Cameron, Scott, Heather, Amy. Friends: B, Samey, Bridgette, Anne Maria, Leshawna.P.S. He never cheats on the friends listed above

54 Chloe

A nice girl a bit like Bridgette, No real impact on the game but easily makes enemies who she eventually gets rid of.

55 Henry

A guy who only swears. The only words that come out of his mouth is BEEP! Often gets eliminated first

56 Klaus

I would like to see him! The new Alejandro haha. Maybe he's hot like him too?

Nationality: Russian
He is full of himself and is always making fun of the other contestants and sabotaging them in the challenges.
He is the main antagonist of Total Drama Boot Camp

Nationality: Russian
He is full of himself and alway makes fun of the other contestants and sabotages them in the challenges. He is the main antagonist of total drama Boot camp

57 Ben

A brown haired, brown eyed nerdy boy who is friends with nerds like Cody and Harold. He is enemies with Duncan and Alejandro. He likes Gravity Falls, My Little Pony, and video games. He is also a bookworm who jokes around but also gets annoying due to his talking. He has a crush on Elizabeth. He's also a genius but a weakling win it comes to brawn. He thinks Chris should get other characters from other universes to join. He is also an oddball who some people think is mental. - sdgeek2003

58 Elizabeth

She is brown haired, brown eyed. She is friends with Gwen and Beth but is enemies with Jo and Heather. She is serious, determined, brainy, and fairly fit. She does not joke around, which is why Ben and Owen annoy her. - sdgeek2003

59 Khalish

A nice and strong boy who is friends with Trent and Cody.He wears black sneakers and red overalls

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