Top Ten Total Drama Characters That Should Beat Up Caillou

Calliuo is a notoriously annoying cartoon character who acts like an annoying brat who needs a smack to the head, and these Total drama characters are the perfect ones to do it!

The Top Ten

1 Eva

Ever is easily the strongest, she would beat anybody up really good, she could murder people with her bare hands. She is also stone cold and heartless so she wouldn't mind his whines and screams - ToptenPizza

She's really strong. Caillou doesn't stand a chance against her. - nintendofan126

2 Lewshauna

Lewshauna punched out heather and she is also very sassy, even though she is nice she would not tolerate calliuo and his behavior. - ToptenPizza

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3 Duncan

Duncan is a bad boy, with his sneaky rebellious ways, and blew up Chris's mansion and would pound calliou. - ToptenPizza

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4 Heather

Heather is the villain you love to hate in season 1. She was so in it to win it, and she would destroy calliuo in one hour with some strange sceem so crazy it just might work. - ToptenPizza

5 Amy

Amy is totally evil and was so abusive to her own sister, so imagine how she would act to a random bald kid. - ToptenPizza

6 Sean

Sorry but this is my name

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7 Jasmine

Have you SEEN her? She is freakishly tall, and musculear because she was born in Australia. - ToptenPizza

8 Scott

Scott was the villain of season 4, he doesn't care if you don't like him because he doesn't like you. - ToptenPizza

9 Alejandro

Alejandro was the villain of season 3 and was the boy heather and is very string because he beat up his older brother. - ToptenPizza

Alejandro yo are grounded grounded grounded for 80080045678093 years go to bed now!

10 Courtney

Courtney would easily murder caillou! I bet he would go down with one punch form that girl!

If he makes Courtney made enough, caillou would go down in one punch. - nintendofan126

Courtney goes crazy when she is mad, also she punched a shark once. - ToptenPizza

The Contenders

11 Chris Mclean Chris Mclean Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

He would sadistically blow him up and laugh.

12 Dawn

She would send all her animal friends after him.

13 Gwen
14 Owen
15 Justin

Justin would bash him in the head with his mirror.

16 Zoey

Zoey would go commando Zoey on him and take him down.

17 Miles

Miles would bash him in the head with her save the animals sign.

18 Tammy

Tammy would blow her loud viking instruments in his ears till his lost his hearing.

19 Leshawna
20 Sky

She can do her loud burps and burp him away.

21 Sierra

Sierra can annoy and squeeze him to death, and show him what it's like to listen to that all day.

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