The one's that didn't deserve to win

Greetings, I have been inactive for about a week or two, but I'm back for a bit and I decided too create this post. It's basically about the winners of the five seasons (six if you prefer) that didn't deserve the win.

Season 1 Owen: I don't really have a problem with Owen. He may be overused humor, but that's it. But I don't think he should've won if you ask me he should've taken Geoff's place. The reason I say this is because never had any stroke of development and never won any challenges and had no plot. He was only light humor, that's it.

Season 2 Duncan: I like Duncan, in TDI, but afterwards "meh". But seriously Duncan has too be the two of the worst winners. He was in two alliances that failed and didn't win any challenges. But the thing that ticks me most is that he bullied Harold the majority of the time and cheated. "REALLY WRITERS" The message I got from this is bully and cheat then you'll be successful in life. No!

Season 3 nobody: They finally got the winner right. No matter if it's Alejandro or Heather.

Season 4 Lightning: Well Lightning did play hard and only made about two strategic moves. But the thing is he had zero plot and no development. Sorry, but no.

Season 5 Mike/Mal: That's right I'm coming to this character. First off Mike played LESS than half the season and got carried by Mal all the way through. And even he didn't do that well. Coming to Mal who I will discuss my actual problems with in another post. Mal just followed Zoey and didn't win a single challenge. Pretty pathetic.

Second half of season 5 nobody: Again they got the finale two right. So no matter which way you go I say they both deserved it.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you enjoy your day.