Top Ten Total Drama Characters Who Deserve to Win a Season


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41 Alejandro V 3 Comments
42 B

You can tell Silent B is a good person, despite the fact he never talks. He's a good contestant and I would personally like to see him win a season, it would be something new.

This guy is real calm,and has a good strategy,not communicating.

43 Scarlett

She was really funny when she turned evil.

44 Mickey

After all his bad luck in TDRR, he deserves another chance at the million.

45 Devin

He's a great contestant in Ridonculous Race! Would love to see him win Total Drama.

46 Jay
47 Rock
48 Sam

I really want to see Sam shock everyone and win the million.

49 Chet

The awesome stepbrother needs a chance at the million!

50 MacArthur

So you're saying Ezekiel is a really good contestant? He gets voted off first every time, and wasn't even allowed in All Stars or Action.

She almost won in Total Drama Ridonculous Race, so I think she deserves another shot at a million. She's obviously a good contestant if she can make it to the bottom two.

51 Sanders

Sanders is a good competitor, she almost won TDRR. I would like to see her finally win a season. She definitely deserves it!

52 Carrie

She lost because the sisters wanted to win so badly, they decided to eliminate teams, and Kitty decided to start by pushing Devin off a cliff.

V 1 Comment
53 Crimson V 2 Comments
54 Miles

She wants to use the money for a good cause, she is one of the ones that actually deserves to come back.

55 Taylor
56 Mary
57 Ellody

She is too amazing to be ignored!

58 Justin
59 Leshawna
60 Geoff
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