Total Drama Characters Who Should Come Back In Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


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1 Dawn

Yes, I want Dawn to come back! She was suppose to be in All Stars, but didn't!

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2 Cody V 4 Comments
3 Noah

Noah and Owen are confirm to be in the show, and also Geoff and leonard

I think he should come back because was cheated by elimination

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4 Samey

Bring the twin sisters back I will pay you 100342 ponds

Well Samey (sammy)and her older sister Amy should come back they like best friends to me bff out


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5 Beardo

I like beardo, because I want him to come back.

He should come back and be a main character, along with Dawn, Brick and Sammy - Yona_db

6 Dave

Dave should get a girlfriend and be partners with Cody.

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7 Scarlett

I think scarlett should come back because she's a genius.

I hate Scarlett.

8 Cameron

I hope Dawn has a relationship with him

And Cameron should come back.

9 Bridgett

I want bridgette to come back,

I miss Bridgette so much!

10 Brick

Please bring brick back.

Brick is a legend. No words needed

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11 Ella

I want Ella to come back as a main character please we all want Ella to come back to total drama presents the ridonculous race

I love ella but sugar rated her out!

Please put Ella on the next season of ridonculous race! She is my favorite character! You can pare her with Sugar

Please put Ella on the next season of ridonculous race! She is my favorite character! You can pair her with Sugar.

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12 Rodney

And rodney can come back.

With scott, they should be The Brothers

13 B (Beverly)

I Want b to come back.

14 Amy

Amy and Samey would have been a WAY better casting option than bringing back LEONARD. - Turkeyasylum

Bring them back back back back back back back back back back back love love amy amy and samey

Well I think Amy and Samey should come back becues I missed them the most plese bring the Twins back

Amy have potential to become better!

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15 Owen

Owen definitely should come back.

16 Trent

Hopefully he has a new girlfriend

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17 Izzy

I also want izzy come back.

18 Dakota

Dakota needs to return, and at the end she becomes human again.

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19 Ezekiel

I'm pretty sure if he returned, he would've done worse than the LARPers.

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20 Lindsay

Unfortunately, The creators confirm that the characters who competed in Total Drama All Stars will not compete in The Ridonculous Race. - Yona_db

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