Total Drama Characters Who Should Never Compete Again

The Top Ten Total Drama Characters Who Should Never Compete Again

1 Staci

staci beardo tammy lenord they should still compete even if their annoying they get lack of screen time the 4th 3rd and 2nd generation should compete the 1st generation gets too much

I agree with everyone on here besides Ezekiel and Cameron. I think Mike and Zoey are not as good as they are said to be so I agree with this list almost completely.

Yea this girl is just plain annoying. She's the most annoying with Max then Leonard next.

Ugh this girl is annoying and ugly as crap

2 Beardo

He's alright but he's gimmicky and there's not too much that could be done with him. - TheStupidHobo

He's merely a ripoff of the sound effect guy from Police Academy. - egnomac


3 Mike

Mike without his personalities is a wannabe Cody at best. If it was Mal coming back, that would be something different. But just Mike is not worth another round, especially since his victory/runner-up placement already. He's had his fun, time to retire with Zoey somewhere and avoid knocks to the noggin.

Mike's character is complete, there is no need for him to come back. In fact, it would be awful if he did

But he's everybody's favorite. I want him to compete.

I kind of think Mike is overrated. He isn't that good.

4 Leonard

Super annoying - blackflower


5 Sadie
6 Rodney

he is so irrelevant I don't know what he did.

he's not annoying as people thought he is

7 Ezekiel

Is there anyway Ezekiel can go back to being a human, because he needs to do better than Last place. He could've had his only chance to not come in last in the Ridonculous Race. People just hate him because they only watched the first episode of Total Drama Island where he made sexist comments about girls.

Ezekiel is still a zombie.

I'd only be ok with him returning if he somehow becomes his TDI-TDWT self again. Having a mutant feral competing would just be wrong

8 Sugar

I hated her so much. In fact, when she was in the top 5 I threw a shoe at my computer

She is so stupid and annoying and a cheater and a lier never let her back EVER!

sugar is fine but dave is worst

Please get this to the top.

9 Duncan

I like Duncan, but I agree that he needs a vacation. They should resolve his plot and let him rest.

I personally would have him and Courtney get back together, have her win a season, then give them a break

There's been too much Duncan! Way too much! Give him a rest and let's have a character who we haven't seen a lot of or hasn't had a lot of development. Truthfully, I've had enough Duncan for a lifetime.

No. DUNCAN HAS NOT BEEN IN EVERY SINGLE SEASON MORON! He's been in the majority of the seasons, and I think that's because he was the most popular original character.

The guy has been showed way too much times, just let him die already! Or don't and have him be voted off first or second. Either one works. - sdgeek2003

10 Katie

katie and sadie only compete once so they should compete m0re

The Contenders

11 Zoey

she is all over mike I hate her.

12 Gwen

This thing will make her pee her pants at school and total drama heather and her enemies will make fun of her :/ so don't do this

she should compete if there is ridonculous race season 2 she can be teamed with trent they should be called the sane couples and they should be in 4th or 3rd place

She's competed way too much. She was on Island, Action, World Tour, made a cameo in Revenge of the Island, and competed in All-Stars. I think it's time to let her character go.

I think she is a great charecter and it would be a disaster if she should not be in anymore besides she is cute

13 Beth

She already had her season, which was TDA. She is like the ONLY TD contestant that had her plot resolved, which is gaining a lot of friends and learning on how to socialize well. Plus, I don't think she deserves to compete in a "second chances" season.

her spit her lisp the way she acts. I hate her.

14 Cameron
15 Courtney

Heather and Courtney are the only valid contestants, and that's just the tea!

Courtney is too mean to have any practical development. Just let her go!

16 Josee


17 Topher
18 Amy

She is so mean to her sister.

she is so mean.

19 Dave

He was annoying and a jerk to Sky. That's why he should never compete ever again.

20 Max

A teddy Bear is more evil than him - GentlemanJonathan

Got eliminated because he said he was evil.

Max: Yay, scarlett's gone. I'm evil and I will take over the island!
Chris: Yeah, I'm done with evil for now, so get out.

so annoying.

hated him

21 Owen

Get this to the top! - KalloFox34

Owen needs to take a vacation.

22 Sky

I hate Sky SO SO much. there is nobody who even comes close to how much I hate this stupid character.

23 Carrie


24 Ella

She should compete again
Sugar should not

25 Harold

I hate everything he did in this game.

I LOVE Harold ;-; - Rathernotbenamed

26 Sam

Whoa. Sam isn't on the list?

27 Mr. Coconut

he isn't even a human.

28 Noah

Very lazy and doesn't even care about the prize because of Emma!

29 Emma
30 Tammy

She barely spoke at all

31 Heather

I hate her

32 Izzy
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