Top Ten Total Drama Characters That Will Most Likely Win Total Drama Season 7

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1 Samey

Samey Is Probably the Best Total Drama Character Due to Her standing up to her Sister In Pahkitew Island! And Should Win Season 7 If She's a Part of It!

I can go to the grave happy if she wins a season.

2 Courtney

Courtney was eliminated unfairly in the first season, maybe she could have won that season.

In the second season she would have won, but was betrayed by the damn Duncan, a boyfriend who votes in his own girlfriend.

In the third season she was going well until crazy, she would never be seduced by Alejandro Duncan didn't screw her, once again, damn Duncan, hate you

In season 5 about the writers did a with the character, created a new Courtney nothing to do with Courtney of the other seasons, created a new Heather, they don't just got pooped on Courtney, pooped all over world.

In All Stars didn't have as Courtney be eliminated, since you had 5 people and Gwen and Scott would never vote for her, so they practically quit the script and created something to eliminate Courtney, they don't want past reminded s when Courtney ate all the food disgusting of Alejandro, they simply created anything to eliminate it soon

Courtney has had it the roughest out of everybody. She deserves this. She also deserves an apology from Duncan. He's such a loser.

She does not deserve jack. Yeah she's been through hell, but 99% of that was her own fault.

I hope Courtney wins

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3 Brick

Enough of the original cast members have already one, and out of the second generation, Brick deserves to win the most!

Oh yeah! Brick needs to be in it for sure and face up again Mike and Eziekirl for the 1 Million!


4 Beardo V 1 Comment
5 Cody

Cody always gets closer and closer. He should finally win, maybe take Sierra out on a date?

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6 Bridgette Bridgette

If Bridgette does come back, it will be her for sure. But please don't put her with Geoff or Alejandro because she will get distracted

Bridgette is a good contestant, she needs to quit letting guys distract her, maybe she will get further in the competition for once.

7 Lindsay

She deserves to win. However, she does not qualify for Season 7 because she was an All-Star and Season 7 takes place around the same time as All-Stars so she won't be competing. - Wolftail

Lindsay needs to win season 7! She can go on a well deserved shopping spree!

Yeah Lindsay needs to get another Action and not have the producers ruin it for her again.

8 Dawn V 4 Comments
10 Noah

I have a feeling it's going to be Noah. He keeps becoming more and more popular, and it's no surprise. Maybe his smarts will finally get him the million.

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11 Geoff

He won Ridonculous Race - Yona_db

He did actually win the mil in season 7

12 Trent

This cool dude deserves the million!

13 Leshawna

Leshawna totally could've gone all the way in season one if it wasn't for that unfair elimination. Just make sure her opponent in the final three is from a different generation cast to make it more interesting

Leshawna is totally an all star. What is the deal with the producers, forgetting her on the heroes team?

Leshawna has been around to long not to finally win a season. Let boootylicious finally win this!

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14 Gwen V 1 Comment
15 Owen

He won the first season, and I'm not thinking that anyone will win twice.

Yeah. Actually, Owen won season 1 so he totally shouldn't win a season.

He dreserves to get his money already! come on and win and pay the man!

16 Dave V 1 Comment
17 Jasmine
18 Tyler

I think Tyler needs more recognition. I'd like to see him win the million dollars! He's cool, he just needs more attention.

19 Jo

Jo is going to win, she deserves it the most.

0_0 I guess people actually like her!?

20 Duncan

He should win and buy Courtney an engagement ring.

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